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Once upon a time...

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luz del lago
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Once upon a time there was this female Airman, and one day while attending Tech School at Brooks AFB, she happened to be standing in the hallway looking down, admiring the shine on her shoes. Suddenly she was aware of someone watching her and when she glanced up there was this handsome Ssgt. looking at her! He said hello, and being shy as she was in those days, she could only think of one thing to say, so she said," nice weather we are having", and he said, "sure is"!

About three months later, the Airman was stationed at Randolph AFB, and as part of her in-processing had to attend an OJT Orientation Course. So on the Friday that it was scheduled, she attended. The odd thing was that the Instructor continuously singled her out, asking questions, but she answered them all correctly, but thought, "what is up with this guy?". During the mid- morning break while standing out in the hallway speaking amongst the other students, the Airman suddenly felt an arm around her waist! It was the handsome SSgt. and he said to her, "perfect fit". Well, the Airman had just attended the "Sexual Harassment Course" the week before and thought to herself, " I am going to report this guy! This must be what they were talking about!".

Finally, close to the end of class, the Instructor asked if she remembered him. And honestly, she could not remember. So he reminded her that they had met very briefly at Brooks AFB, while she was attending Tech School and he was TDY there a few months back. She still did not have a good recollection, but smiled politely and said, "oh, yes, I remember now".

It was a Friday and the Airman went home to spend the weekend at home with her family and infant daughter in town. Well the SSgt. being "smitten" called every female barracks on base, searching for the Airman. Finally he called the Medical Barracks and spoke to a friend of hers that informed him that the Airman lived in town with her family. He then proceeded to call half of the Coxes in town out of the phone book. He finally decided to wait until Monday, go to work, look up the Airman's duty station and call her!

When she was told who was on line 2, she wondered, " I know I passed the test, why is he calling?". When they spoke he asked if he could call her later that evening. And that is how this 30 yr. love affair began!

Today the Msgt. was honored with two companies of Honor Guards, full Military Honors, and was laid to rest. The Airman, which herself had proudly served in the Air Force Honor Guard, sat there, watching each of the steps and movements, knowing well what would come next. And she was pleased and honored for the Tribute that was given to him. When she was in Honor Guard, and gave Tribute to deceased active duty and Veterans, she never imagined herself one day sitting there and receiving the perfectly folded flag and the nation's gratitude for her husband's service and loyalty.

Today she was surrounded by love. The Lord's love. The love of her children, family and friends. However, as blessed as she was, the pain of losing her beloved Msgt. was immense!

She will now have to learn how to go on without him. But the love he gave to her, and her desire to live a good life, and one day be reunited with her Msgt., will be what gives her the strength to carry on!

Thank you dear ones for reading this story of mine. I know that you all have your own love stories and would one day love to read them.


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You were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story!

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Lucy...what a beautiful story. Your husband reminds me of mine in how he pursued me and went around playing detective in the office to find out about me. I'll have to share with you some time.
I'm glad you had a lovely service and were surrounded by your family and friends.
I must say that having that folded flag put in my hands was one of the toughest yet most touching moments of the funeral.

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luz del lago
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I will look forward to reading your love stories! There will be similarities, there will be differences, but in the end, there will be love.

We must remember, and share, why we loved so deeply. Why we fought and prayed so hard. And we must always know, that our loved ones may have passed, but nothing can erase our stories!

"Your story matters, tell it!"


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I just loved reading your story. At first I thought "why the heck is she writing about this"? And then I realized you were talking about you & your hubby. I thought about you yesterday and hope everything went okay. I know it was hard to say the final goodbye to the love of your life. That was the hardest day of my life to have to walk away from that casket & know that I'd never see Tom again. And when we were at the cemetary, I cried so hard when they started wheeling him out to put him in the crypt. I just didn't want to let go.
We were married 46 years and as I said before, we knew each other since first grade.
We just have to remember all the happy years we had with them and now move on to our new life. Thank God we have kids to help us make it through these times.
Take care Lucy!!! Friends, Carole

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I thought about you frequently yesterday and know what a difficult day it was for you. Your love for your husband, all of your great memories and your faith will get you through this.

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What a beautiful love story.

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

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What a beautiful story.

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