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I-131 A little scared now....

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Okay, I've been on the low iodine diet for 2 weeks yesterday (thanks with all the advice on that)and I'm supposed to take the I-131 tomorrow or Friday and now my brain is racing. I'm scared...how will it make me feel? are there bad side affects? will it kill all remaining cancer? how will I know if it doesn't? I have somewhere secluded to stay away from my 1 yr old son and my 19 yr old daughter will be taking care of him, so I know that's all good, I'm just wondering if this sudden emotional meltdown I'm feeling is unnecessary...am I panicking for no reason?

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to feel anxiety on the eve of a thing like that. I didn't sleep well the night before.

I had no really problematic side effects. I did suck on lemon drops a while after the dose to try to stimulate the salivary glands. I had few issues with them but I can't necessarily attribute that to the sour candies. I didn't do that a lot though as the acid and sugar was too much. Some people also suggest massaging your salivary glands - if you do a web search on "massage salivary glands" you'll find some useful tips. This site also has some good tips for folks dealing with RAI: http://www.thyca.org/rai.htm.

It will take several months to determine how well it worked. Chances are it will do much for you but it's not uncommon for patients to need two doses so don't be alarmed if a year from now that is presented to you. My hope is the one will do the job.
Best to you and stay strong. You can make it through.

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Thank you. I unfortunately have to wait until Tuesday to do the treatment, something to do withh the hospital. I have managed to convince myself, with your help, that worrying is not helping anything. I am looking forward to a little rest with no one calling "mommy" for a few days lol Best to you also and thanks again

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Hi Denise,

I didn't really have a lot of side effects from my RAI either, except for some taste bud problems. I still taste food, just not quite as much, but my second dose was close to the max of 200 (178 mCi's). It can affect the salivary glands but it depends on each person. I have not had salivary gland swelling, just a slight decrease in salivation. Suck on lots of candies during your isolation and afterward. I just learned that I still need to suck on candies to keep my salivary glands producing. It can affect you months later. Had my second dose of RAI on February 4th.

The RAI rarely makes people nauseated. I think the people that get nauseated are the ones that are drinking way TOO much water or worrying too much and making themselves sick. I felt fine right after both of my treatments. I had a red face and neck for a while on the third day with some salivary swelling, but a Jolly Rancher got my glands producing and the swelling went away within a few minutes after I woke up.

Yes, it will kill microscopic cancer cells, but not tumors. I assume your doctor has done a sonogram or scan to be sure there are no tumors left. You will have a scan about seven days after your treatment and they will be able to see the uptake. They will be able to see if there is any metastasis as well.

You don't need to worry so much. You will see that it's really no big deal. It's kind of like a little vacation to yourself. I always recommend doing a pedicure, manicure, read books, catch up on daytime TV shows that you like or whatever makes you happy. Napping and long warm baths are fun too. You are going to be fine, you are mostly just afraid of the unknown and that is perfectly normal. Take it from someone who has been there twice.

Wishing you health and healing,

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Well, my Dr told me I have to wait until Tuesday to do my RAI which could be helping me a little to not be so nervous. Thank you for your support, it has helped a lot also. I think I have everything ready as I will be staying somewhere else as to not harm my children or granddaughter. I have decided to use this time wisely, as you said to read books and catch up on tv. I am also taking a wii so I can learn super mario so when I come back I may have a chance at competeing with my daughter lol. Thank you so much for the support and advice. Best to you as well

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