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Daughter's results are in

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Two weeks my @ss. They called her today. Her cells are precancerous, she asked does this mean you burn them out (as they did with ex-husband's wife's)and they said no, they will just retest in 6 months. WHAT??? I guess neither of us understands cervical cancer, so studying needs to be done there. She also has bladder infection (she was unaware of that) with blood, so on antibiotics for that.
So I am relieved the news is earlier then their two week prediction, (I'm guessing because they needed to get her on antibiotics for bladder infection) I don't like that she didn't get to talk to a doctor, just the nurse (nothing against nurses, I'd just want to talk to the doctor if it was me). I'm not relieved that they say precancerous and then don't do anything but wait 6 months for another coloscopy. I guess it isn't like polyps and they just remove them.
Of course she doesn't have insurance and doesn't qualify for any medical assist, so I wonder if that has anything to do with just wait and see thing.
So I feel I'll be stressed for another 6 months.
BUT, the GOOD news at the moment is it ISN'T CANCER!!!! Thank you all for prayers and good vibes sent her way.
Winter Marie

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I'm glad you got the results earlier than predicted. I'm also glad that its not cancer. But if she get some kind of insurance does she have to wait 6 months or 3 months? Is she in school or college? they may have some kind of insurance. I hope you guys can work it out. I'll keep you in my thoughts....blessings from Lourdes

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She's in college and does pay for insurance through them, but they pay hardly anything. For instance she has a hernia, but since it isn't life threatening they won't pay for the surgery, even though it causes her pain daily, so they also did not pay for doctor's visits, test etc., to find out it was twisted intestine and hernia. Not the best insurance in the world to have. However, if she cuts a finger, she's covered at the emergency room.
Winter Marie

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Insurances are terrible. I hate how government programs will pay for animals to get a aching toothe pulled out or some surgery, but can't hardly get them to pay for our health needs. Sucks....I don't now if where you live. But look into an insurance called Hippa some states have it and its like temporary assistance. good luck ..Lourdes.

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Grrrr... don't even get me started on your all wacky insurance industry! It boggles my mind and then makes me angry :)

But it sounds overall, quite positive. Yes, pre-cancerous cells can develop into cancer, but they can also die off just as easily. So it's kind of a crap-shoot as to whether the cells she has are going to develop further or die off as the normal state of being.

I'm guessing that that is probably what they are waiting on... I'm sure if it is down to the cell level, they can see where some of the cells are (which is what started this investigation in the first place) but have no idea if there are hundreds more just waiting to start up, or if it's only these ones and they may just die off. Obviously, if they are not going to die, then treatment will be done to catch them before they get ahead of themselves. Sounds like there's all kinds of treatments from freezing them, burning them, radiating them, blah blah blah.

Soooo, I don't think having to wait 6 months is going to be a problem.... where I think the problem will be is with her insurance. So what if she does need treatment in six months... will the insurance company figure it's worth the thousands of dollars in savings not letting the cancer develop fully into advance cancer? Or will they want her to wait until it is so far along that now they need to give her super expensive treatments and the the insurance company can say, "Sorry, your insurance doesn't cover that. You should have gotten tested and treated before it got this far"????

Stupid insurance.... but I'm sure if your daughter keeps her appts, even if she has to pay for them herself, they will not let it go into a cancer stage :)


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Do you know if they called it Dysplasia? Several young family members of mine have had this and did have proceedures to freeze or kill off the precancerous cells. I think I read that it can take several years for it to become cancerous.

I would hope that the docs are waiting to see what happens because it is mild and not because of the insurance.

Try to relax....I know it is hard!

Remember to breathe!

Take Care,


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I am happy to know that this is not cancer! Praying it will never be cancer!


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When I was in college. Never developed into cancer, but at a year, they did freeze it and then it was over.

But, yeah, it can be resolved on it's own, as others have said, as well...

Good that they found the bladder infection!!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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So happy to hear that the results are back. I'm curious about the 6 month wait. I had precancerous cervical cells way back in the 80's and they immediately scheduled me to have surgery on the offending section. I can't remember if the burn them or froze them. But, they didn't have me wait. Make sure that she talks to the doc and finds out why they think it is OK to wait the 6 months.

So glad to hear that it's not cancer for sure! HUGS

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That seems strange to me, as some of my friends had the same thing and they were frozen off or treated. Do your homework! I am so happy it wasn't cancer. Celebrate this weekend!

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Why I think we need to check into this further, my daughter specifically asked about "burning" them off, due to terminology learned from her father's wife having had the same thing and it was burned (so he called it) out. They told her no, not until they check six months from now and see if it is the same thing or worse. Very puzzling to colon cancer person where, in polyps=take out.
Winter Marie

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I just saw Dr. Oz on the Joy Behar show tonight. He was talking about cervical or uterine exams (I can't recall which one he was specifically talking about). What I believe he said, was that it was ok to only do exams in that area every 3 years, because cancer grows so slowly in that area (again I cannot remember whether it was cervical or uterine) that if you didn't catch it until the 3rd year, you would still be ok. You may want to check YouTube or another resource to see if you can catch a clip of the show there. My best wishes to you and your family.


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I had precancerous cells removed when I was younger, they did not wait, but maybe mine were more advanced (with my luck) I would get another opinion.

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this has to be a load off your mind i had thoses pre cancerous cells years ago and they just froze them right there in the docs office.dont fret she will be fine...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Glad that the wait is over but not sure I understand the wait 6 months to see what happens if it has already been confirmed that there are precancerous cells present. Way back in the 70's I had cryosurgery in the doctor's office for the same thing as soon as the results were in.

I would ask the tough question of the doctor..."Is the wait because I don't have insurance"? I am sure there are alot of folks who don't have insurance who are not necessarily getting the best or timeliest treatments due to their financial status.

Hope that your daughter can be treated before 6 months so there is no chance of a worsening status on those cells.

The other Marie

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I'm so glad your daughter got her results earlier, a weight off both your minds. Hope they can try and get rid of the cells before six months, and glad it's not cancer.


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Winter Marie,
I had some precancerous cells burned about 14 years ago and everything has been fine since. I think you are wise to find out about why there is a wait and see. Hmmmmm? Is there a woman's clinic that can help? I know there must be money out there so she can have some follow up. I am glad that it is not what you feared.

Thinking of both of you.


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In my dreams I thought of Planned Parenthood as a resource. They may be able to refer her to someone who can help if they cannot. She would have to take a copy of her medical records to them. On TV I saw that they were set up to not only assist women with birth control, but cancer screening. Why can't I think when I am awake?

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I am glad your daughter's results are that it is non-cancerous; sorry about the precancerous. I don't know anything about cervical issues, so I can't say what they should be doing.

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I had once had precancerous cells caught on a pap 13 years ago. They froze the cells in a procedure called cryotherapy. I've had all normal paps ever since then.
I am surprised they are waiting- maybe things are different now. I'm wondering if they thin there's any reason to not freeze the cells off now- why wait, hmmmm.

I'm so glad to hear the biopsy came back as just precancerous and cancer, as I know you are also relieved. Too many worries in life!

Take care,

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Hi, so glad about the news, am more than just happy for you - OVERJOYED.. my oldest daughter has had this for years, goes for test every 6 mos, has had cauterization some times, others not. She has a great Dr. and they just watch it. Dr. says nothing to be alarmed about. I pray all goes well for you both. Joyce

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