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Hopefully this gives someone hope

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Hi everyone sorry havent been on quite sometime yep ca is still here in bothe lungs but here is a short story I hope will help someone out there I was first dx about 7 years ago w colon ca had surgery folow up w maintance chemo stage II every thing was fine until about 3 yrs ago dx w stage IV colon ca had spread but it had went to uterous chemo quit working hysterectomy still in lungs though it started to get worse more chemo Good news is it is shrinking just got results 2day I cheated and got the report from hospitol yep chemo week sucks but I am blessed by God and a great DR I dont let ca rule my life and to anyone who needs any hope here it is also one surgeon wanted to do surgery on my ca in lung I told him I wanted to get biopsy first he was so sure it was lung ca this time Thank God I opted for biopsy it was still from colon ca if you dont fel right about soething voice your opnion Drs are human too sorry so long of a post hope this helps someone

Good luck to you all


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Nana b
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Hi Sheri, good to hear from you. You are correct...if it doesn't sound right, it may not!

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the subject about something not sounding right im going to chime in.maybe i am in the denile stage and i know cea numbers can be decieving on some people but i just found out that my cea level in august2010 was 1.8.was told everything was normal.i had a ct scan done on jan.19,2011 by my local surgen with no cea test.he said there was 2 spots on my liver and wanted a biopsy.had that done and it came back as cancer.soooo went to my surgen who removed original cc tumor did another cat scan and ordered cea test on feb.7,2011.now,not only do i have 2 mets to my liver but he saw 1 possibly 2 spots on my lung and the results from this cea are 1.5 i would think my cea levels would be much higher if i had cancer in me....Godbless...johnnybegood

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can you get a biopsy done on those spots you mentioned or get a second opinoin like I said Drs are only human too good luck and God bless ps not to give you false hope but my CEAS are pretty much a good marker for me it is your body


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