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Good News on 12 Month Checkup

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Hi Folks,


I just received my PSA and Testosterone test results, and I wanted to share them with you.


The result for PSA was <0.015, the result for Testosterone was 266.


The timing of these tests are approximately 12 months after my 2nd and last Lupron shot (two 3-month dosages), and also approximately 12 months after my last radiation treatment (38 visits, 68 Greys).


While I recognize that I have only traveled a short distance on this long road, I do feel encouraged that the bandit may be currently holed up in some remote part of my body, hiding and patiently biding its time.


In the meantime, I will celebrate my present seemingly good situation with a glass or three of wine, and I give thanks to all of you who have supported and coached me on this journey.


Related History and Data:


Post-Robotic Prostate Removal Surgery Pathology Report 

A.  Lymph nodes, right pelvic:  Two (2) lymph nodes; negative for metastasis.

B.  Lymph nodes, left pelvic:  Two (2) lymph nodes; negative for metastasis.

C.  Prostate, radical resection:

   1.  Prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleason grade 4+3=7, involving both lobes, at least 2.1cm and occupying 15% of the prostate by volume.

   2.  No lymphatic/vascular invasion is present.

   3.  Perineural invasion is present.

   4.  Invasive carcinoma focally extends into extraprostatic soft tissue adjacent to the left posterior prostate (C20).

   5.  The Seminal vesicles are free of carcinoma.

   6.  The inked margins are free of carcinoma.

   7.  High-grade PIN is present.

   8.  Necrotizing granulomas are present within the prostate parenchyma; stains for microorganisms will be performed and reported in an addendum.

D.  Left mid margin:  Fibrovascular tissue; negative for tumor.

Diagnosis Comment:  AJCC:  pT3a NO


Robotic Prostate Removal Surgery



AUS 800 Artificial Sphincter Implant Surgery



Hormone Therapy (Lupron tri-monthly and Casodex daily)

Started 5/4/2013

Stopped 11/6/2013 (2nd and last 3-month dosage shot given on 8/6/2013)


Radiation Therapy (38 visits, 68 Grays)

Started 6/4/2013

Stopped 8/9/2013


PSA History

5.22 - 6/28/2011

0.05 - 12/22/2011

0.05 - 3/25/2012

0.05 - 6/22/2012

0.06 - 10/13/2012

0.08 - 12/31/2012

0.11 - 3/30/2013

0.13 - 4/23/2013

0.02 - 8/6/2013

0.02 - 11/26/2013

<0.015 - 7/28/2014


Previous Related Posts (Mostly artificial sphincter and hormone/radiation experiences):

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These are good news and a good reason for a glass of red. Let’s celebrate.

Your T is back to normal levels (245 ~ 800) and the PSA maintains the lowest levels. This is Remission.

I like posts reporting Zeros. Best wishes for continued good results.


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