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stage 4 liver cancer , how do we know the last months of life ?

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my father in law was diagnosed a year ago with stage 4 terminal liver cancer, he also has sorosis of the liver and a tumor on his liver, he is in and out of the hospital but refuses to give us any information . I want to prepare my husband and family , but he wont let anyone go to the doctor with him , refuses to hear about hospice and says he is completly fine . He has spoken about wanting to call his mother ( she is deceased ) . I just want to know how do i know his time is close? how do i prepare my family for this ?

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My mother-in-law who will be 92 yrs old this month was told she has stage 4 Liver cancer. I don't understand why her family doctor didn't catch this when she went for her yearly physical. She doesn't want to see anyone but her adult children. I don't understand how she didn't reconize the symtons? She did have back pain & that's why she went to her family doctor. Her family doctor sent her for a MRI & a CT scan. Her nefew researches cancer. He droved here & talked to the doctors. They showed him the films. There's nothing they can do but keep her comfortable. How did she get to stage 4 & getting physicals every year?


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