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Carrie, hope you are still doing well. Please update us. How is the book coming?

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I think Girlfighter is on Chapter 7, entitled, "I Take out Stalone."

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Thanks for checking up on me, I am doing well. Just finished my first semester back at school, That puts me one step closer to being a Physicians Assistant and working on this blasted Cancer stuff in a larger way.

I was blessed and honored to come home one night after finals to find members of my Elks Lodge putting up a "Hope Tree" outside my house, it is the most amazing 8ft tall white christmas tree covered in lime green decorations and of course a few green hula hoops. I helped the very next day  in setting one for a member that has been diagnosed with prostate Cancer and was all set for a few days later to set one up for a Cancer Friend of mine that I went through chemo with, when I got a tetx 2 hours befor ethat she had passed. I was devastated, she was the one patient that initiated me into the chemo club and started talking to me. Everytime I had chemo or a PET scan, she was there, I was truly crushed by this news.

Also, I adopted a famiy for Christmas and was able to help out a family in need<---Truly amazing!!

Max I wish I could report that I am on Chapter 7, however I am still stuck at Chapter 3 "When to stop worrying and have faith in yourself"...Stalone is next on my list, he is lookin old I might stand a chance.<*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-laughing****" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" border="0" />

Happy Holidays- I have to saddle up the sleigh and go to work for all those last minute shoppers



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