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tonsil cancer caused by HPV-16

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Anyone with tonsil cancer caused bt the HPV-16 virus should read the article on "nature.com" it tells the story about who and how it was discovered and the theory behind they think it attacks the cells. Also the new methods on how it's being treated. So if you get a chance please read the article as it only talks about what we have which if tonsil cancer not "throat cancer" per say.

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is give links to literature from a variety of trade journals.  Could you please give a more specific refernce?  Thanks.



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If you are speaking of this article...

HPV: Sex, Cancer and a Virus

I wouldn't really derive from it that it is saying HPV derived Tonsil Cancer, is not "throat cancer"....

It is very much throat cancer.. It does basically say what many of us here have always said about HPV derived H&N Cancer.. HPV derived tends to respond well to treatment, and in a lot of cases have very favorable results.

A lot of that has to do with what the article mentions also... The majority of people that have HPV derived, tend to be younger, healthier going in...

There has been much talk of possible less invasive treatment, but at this time, treatment is pretty much the same standard whether it's HPV derived or not..., basically H&N Cancer is H&N Cancer...

Though I'm sure somewhere down the road, and probably in the not too far future HPV derived H&N Cancer will have a different treatment plan than current.


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Ruben and Jude
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I think I understand what you're saying. HPV-16 tonsilar cancer is not the same as 'throat' cancer. It's symantics to those who don't really know the difference, including some physicians. But I agree with you, it's not your 'typical' throat cancer.

I pray they come up with a new effective treatment plan that's not as harsh as the chemo and rads for 'throat' cancer.  But I like what the article said, to come up with a vaccine so people won't get HPV at all. Amen to that!

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When I was diagnosed base of tongue cancer (hpv+), I asked the ENT if I had throat cancer and he said no you have tongue cancer and I said it is in my throat and he said it is in your tongue.

So, I had  BOT cancer.  HPV+ is just the way I scored it.


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There are many current studies that suggest that tonsil cancer has two different causes and prognoses-

see current issues of Onconolgy, and other Center Network sites for infromation. There are interesting

studies that show different success rates for different treatments for HPV-16 positive and negative

cases. It is worthwhile to read the medical literature on this (easily available online).


Also Joining the Cancer netwok to get the most recemt issues of Oncology and the ongoing research developments  is useful also.


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Consider the fact that many people have their tonsils removed when they are young children.  Even those people who have no tonsils are still susceptible to oral cancer caused by HPV 16.  The cancer can occur in the throat, base of tongue, or other oral cavity surfaces. 

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How do you say tomatoes....?

Using the various interpretations, I don't think anyone actually gets "throat" cancer.... We all get some specific area within the throat, oral cavity or H&N... To not say your tonsils, tongue, etc...aren't in your throat doesn't mean much to me...

If you have cancer, you have cancer..... and at this point in time, the treatment is going to be the same if it is HPV+, or not HPV+

That's just my take on it of course...

Given the now current standard is being used fairly successfully..., I wouldn't want to be one of the first to take a lesser approach in treatment...


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I guess you missed understood where I was coming from, I was trying to point to the article as I thought it was informative, I'll refrain from posting on here again!!

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I just wasn't sure where you were coming from with tonsil cancer not being throat cancer, when the article itself stated in several places that it was throat cancer.

I'm not quite sure why you would decide not to post on here again....?

I don't think my response was so harsh to offend you to the point of not posting any longer.

BTW, the article was informative... I just didn't apparently get out of it what you did, but there's nothing wrong with that either...




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Just2, Please don't stop posting here.  I don't think anyone was offended by your post, nor do I think anyone was being rude to you.  Everyone's opinion is welcome here.  I am not a H&N patient, my brother is, but I read most everyone's posts almost daily

and have gotten much information and comfort from doing so.  The problem with the written word has always been the difference in the tone in which something is sometimes written and what is "heard" when it is being read.  Please consider sticking around.


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My understanding is cancer is named based on phyical location of the primary tumor. Breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, etc. Within the Head and Neck region, there is a finer breakdown as shown in the diagram. The tongue is long and spans two regions and that may cause some confusion. It seems the fromt part of the tongue is located in the oral cavity while the BOT (Base of Tongue) is located in the oropharynx. The tonsils seem to lie in the oral cavity or the oropharynx.

Do hang around and post your questions. You have only a lot to gain and nothing to lose. There are no other topics that have such true life-death implications. Seems like a no-brainer to ask and learn. Don



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