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does Eligard ever wear off

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Can any body shed some light on how long the side effects of Eligard last. Its been 15months since partners last injection and he is still the person Eligard changed him into.  Stll hot flushes fatigue apathy disengaged impotence and zero libido.  His PSA and testosterone are both still negligable...I keep trying to find out if it will ever wear off. He had radiation treatment but was still fine at the conclusion of that prior to hormone therapy but the effects of Eligard seem indefinite

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Some of those symptoms you give are probably due to radiation.  A lot of men have sexual problems after radiation.  Some never have an errection again.  That alone can cause a man to fall into depression.  I was on Eligard for one year and I think 9 months later it was mostly  out of my system.  But I think the radiaton may be more to blame for the symtoms you give.  And those symptoms from rad can last for years. I am almost 4 years past radiation and I still feel tired and, well, other  symptoms 

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Did your partner only start Eligard after radiation?

The effects of my 9 months of Eligard (6 mos + 3 mos) should ideally have "ended" in mid-August/13, but are still there, albeit perhaps waning a little. Other posters have suggested between 2 - 3 months before the effects have slowed or disappeared. For me, that means I should be back, close to normal, by Christmas. If not, I'll ask for my money back.

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That is really funny!!



Brian R.
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I was eligard for 2 1/2 years and had 45 radiation treatments for a total of 81gray. I was lucky my cancer was found just before I was 70, and I think a fairly fit 70 as I jogged 3 times a week, still surfed on body board and skindived when possible. Had 2 three monthly Eligard injections before I started radiation therapy, and had to be on them for 2 years from when I finished my radiation. Could not jog whilst getting radiation it was too tiring. But started again after radiation finished, short runs and slow, but persevered and increased distance and speed, but used to run into wall. That is, it would take a lot of perseverance and very hard to improve time and distance, with the last 5 months taking a lot of mental effort. Had my Last 3 monthly injection December 2012, which lasted in my system for longer than 3 months, with not starting to feel any real lift in my exercise routine until nearly June 2013.

It is now May 2014, still get occasional mild hot flushes and jogging distance and speed picked up again in the last 2 months. Last blood test was last December and PSA was 0.02 and testosterone 14.

Hope my experience can be some help you. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience. It seams that your testosterone (14 ng/dL) is too low and such could be the reason for feeling tiring. You may need some patches to increase T level.

There are cases where the pituitary do not return to its normal functions after prolonged LHRH agonist administration. This could be your case and you should get informed.




Brian R.
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Thanks for the feed back VG but that was 14.0 nmol/L and pathology says range is 11.0 - 40.0, and I thought that was a pretty good result, as the eligard had only been out of my system for about 6 months by then. My reading for 17/6/2013 was <0.5 nmol/L only 3 months since the last injection was wearing off. The last one on 16/12/2013 and that was the 14.0 nmol/L, and I know it has gone up since then as my jogging has improved in distance and pace in the last  2 months. But will find that out some time next month when I have my 6 monthly blood test.


Brian R. 

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