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Suitable subjects for this board....

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Brenda Bricco
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I am just hoping that someone can direct me to the list suitable topics for this site. I hear there are certain subjects that are not allowed and I don't want to make any dumb mistakes. Wink

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Look at the upper right hand corner of any CSN page, click on "about CSN" , then when it takes you to that page you will see at the bottom "CSN Terms and cConditions", click on that.

And that explains what is acceptable. 

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Guilty of double posting!!!

Winter Marie

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Look at the upper right hand corner of any CSN page, click on "about CSN" , then when it takes you to that page you will see at the bottom "Csn terms and conditions".

that is what let's you know what is acceptable. 

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Look at the upper right hand corner of any CSN page, click on "about CSN" , then when it ....................................



Ok, seriously….I guess politics and religion, and maybe sexually explicit dialog (although I like it) will be rejected. And advertising of any sort is taboo. Fighting with someone, or being downright nasty to someone else, will also be cause for a complaint.


I can’t imagine you doing any of that, so you really shouldn’t be too concerned (my opinion). It’s mostly all common sense; what you wouldn’t do in “real life” among strangers, you ought not do here.


I guess we all try to keep in mind, that we’re all here due to one reason: Cancer. We’re all frightened and worried, and not one of us needs to be irritated, or takes irritation well.


But with that in mind - some of us are more sensitive than others regarding topics that we least expect anyone would be sensitive about.


Just post away, and let the chips fall; Around here, apologies usually work wonders.


Forgiving is always a virtue!


Be well!



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just added "proper spelling and grammar" to their Code of Conduct.  So important it was the 2nd thing in the list, before threatening other members!  WUT THA HECK. Surprised  AA

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I'm with you!  Post away!  We already deal with he nastiest, scarest, ugliest,  most emotionally painful thing called CANCER. 

I don't think anyone here would intentionally upset or hurt feelings. ....  

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what topic do you want to post, that provides the hesitation?

now you have our interest!!!



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its ok to dumb mistakes, thats my specialty.

post away and let the chips fall. all of us here have compassion and understanding, though sometimes we loose sight of it in our suffering or joy.

post away, the thoughts are often better out than in.

even if noone replies to your post, its still better to post and process your emotions.

dealing with the emotional challenges of cancer here is for example far more important than supplements.

the value of this community and our kindness benefical to our quality and quatity of life, well no wonder we are all almost outliving the prognosis.

thats my impression only. i am so grateful to the board, to the american cancer society. even if its a little conventional in someways.



ps i am worried and the speeling the grammar rules. i will then start to do the video blog

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I live by the credo that it's always easier to beg foregiveness than to ask permission.  So, my advice is to post away and sort it out as you go along. 

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