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An Update on PinkKari09

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Hello everyone. This is KarLee, Kari's daughter. Mom made it very clear that when she was no longer able to post, she wanted me to keep you all informed of her status. 

Mom went into hospice the 2nd week of December for pain control with a plan of staying there for a few days to get her pain under control. Most of her issues revolved around an agonizing headache and generalized pain and weakness. Much to Mom's dismay, she ended up staying in hospice for a week until she insisted on leaving, even though her pain was not controlled. 

That was December 19th. For about a week, Mom was nothing short of an energizer bunny. She spent her birthday with friends and family. Went shopping A LOT. Went out to the casino and gambled a bit. She did many many things that she wanted to do. However, she just wasn't herself that week. She was very angry and aggressive and easily upset by little things. Her headaches continued to get worse and she became more weak.

On Christmas day, Mom's headaches, nausea, and weakness were too much for her and the Palliative care doctor instructed her to go the ER for a head CT. Mom was scheduled to get a CT done on the 26th to evaluate the possibility of radiation, but the doctor wanted to her go in that day because of her symptoms. We went in to the ER, had a CT and MRI of the brain and it showed significant involvement in her temporal lobe with multiple masses. This explained all of Mom's symptoms including her behaviors. Mom was too weak to go home, and we transferred from the ER to hospice. 

Over the last week, the staff has been adjusting her pain and anxiety medication. She is on a couple of continuous IV drips (thank goodness for ports). There are times when she is anxious and in pain, and when that happens we increase her meds. She has not really talked since the day she was admitted. She will ask for her Mom (who has passed) sometimes and will say "owey" when she is uncomfortable. But despite all of this, when she is resting, she looks so peaceful. It has taken everything in me to make sure that I am making the right decisions for her and being her advocate. 

As far as all of you readers and bloggers who have supported her throughout the last three years: She loves you guys and you are all very near and dear to her heart. You helped her get through the toughest of times at the end of her life with all of your kind words, cards, gifts (especially the beautiful ornaments), and support.

That is all for now, I will try to continue to update you as I know you all care so much for her. 

Again, Thank you. 


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But sad that I an conveying such a sad message.  I feel for Kari and and her family.  Her daughter is a wonderful person to watch over her and keep her safe as she has been.  From Kari's posts it doesn't surprise me that she is still fighting - even in these last days.  She most certainly is a fighter and an inspiration.  I am hoping for peace for Kari and her family during these devastating times. 

As for the weird text.  I know that there is a text called "wingdings" that is symbols like those in KarLee's post so I copied the text of her post into a word document and changed the text to one that we use (like Arial or Times New Roman) and voila!  It turned into English again.  Computer problems can be maddening.  Hopefully the CSN Administration will get the issues on this site resolved sooner rather than later.



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Alexis F
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Thanks for explaining it to us Clementine, but, I stil ldon't quite get it.  lol  I do hope CSN will fix this site. 


Praying for peace for Kari and her family.

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Thank you for thinking of us during this difficult time.. as so many have already said, your Mom is a very special lady who is loved by many.. I wish there was something more I/we could do for you both.. please let us know if there is anything you need... 

Sending you both prayers and love,




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So sweet and kind of you Karlee to post this update.  Your mom is so special, so loved and I am praying for her.

Can we help you in anyway?  Just let us know.


Love, Kylez

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Kristin N
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Love, hope, encouragement, support and hugs for Kari!

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Your Mom has been a great inspiration to us all.  I personally do believe you are doing the right thing being her advocate.  It is exactly why she called on you to do it.  You are doing a fantastic thing for her by honoring her wishes.  I can only hope I have someone like you with me at the end.  I pray for her everynight and am sorry she has lost her communication ability with you, that must be hard.  It doesn't surprise me she did all those excursions, it is often called the surge.  Miles of love to both of you.




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special place in each and every heart here on our 'support site'.  I love her to pieces --- My name is Vicki Sam.  Both Mom, and I started on this journey

somewhat the same time.  She has always lived life with her 'boots on' , doing it her WAY!

Kari is so so proud of YOU, and your Brother.  Remember Cancun,  I do.  She beamed with joy when she watched you graduated Nursing School,  she

cried with happiness with you married, and worried when she ask you to help her on this last part of her journey. 

I believe when Kari is looking out at you, she is recalling all the happiness, and joy both you, your brother and Husband have brought to her.


I will never forget a shirt Kari has .. F$$$ Cancer -- she sported it while on vacation, wearing her cowboy hat! --- That's our Kari!

Miles of love, hope and strength for you dear, KarLee.

May our Lord grant courage, and serenity for all.


Vicki Sam











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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Good news or bad news, we still want to know because your Mom is very special and she means so much to us.   So please, don't be afraid to say anything here.   This is a safe place to say what you really feel.  Thank you so much for sharing with us.  It helps me to better understand how my family feels.  I wish I were there so I could give you a big hug.


I hope your Mom finds what she is looking for.  Peace and strength to you and your family.





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Christmas Girl
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Thank you, so very much, for keeping us informed about your Mom - our much beloved Kari. Each and every time I've logged on here - have searched for her updates. She has been in my most hopeful thoughts & prayers daily, while also wishing for a miracle...

Your Mom has always been an intensely bright light here, even while she faced utter darkness. Vivacious, smart, with a kind & giving heart. We feel as if we know you, too - and your brother. She loves you both as only a mother can, and is extremely proud of you two. We all know this because she openly shared you with us, making us truly feel like an extended part of her - your - family.

For you & your family, KarLee - I'll now pray for inner strength, peace & comfort as you face the most difficult days ahead. For Kari - I pray she is without pain. Please don't second-guess yourself, dear. This is exactly what your Mom wanted, as she chose for herself. Remember - you are honoring her own personal decisions.

Kari's traditional sign-off - "Miles of Love" - I send back towards her, you & all who know and love her...

With broken heart, Susan

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thank you for posting this for us pink sisters.  It really means so much to know how she is doing.  I've been praying for Kari and will continue.


Kari always wrote how proud she was of you and your brother, so, I hope that you know that.  I know she is an awesome Mother.


Prayers and lots of hugs for Kari and for you and your family.


Love, Leeza

New Flower
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Thank you very much for taking time to update us on your Mom conditions.  it is very hard to accept that her disease has escalated so quickly. You did best for your Mom, making her feel at peace and comfortable. 

My thoughts are with you and your brother, wishing pain free time for my dear friend Kari.


Pink Rose
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I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Kari but it is so obvious how special she is from all of these posts.  I will be praying also for Kari.


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VERY much like your mother. This is si hard to read. I can only imagine what you must feel like. My heart breaks reading this. Please tell your Mom how much I adore and care for her. Thank you for the updates you are in my thoughts.





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VERY much like your mother. This is si hard to read. I can only imagine what you must feel like. My heart breaks reading this. Please tell your Mom how much I adore and care for her. Thank you for the updates you are in my thoughts.





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KarLee sending all the hugs and prayers I can muster up for you and your mom. She is a dynamite woman and I have great admiration for her. She has overcome so much and I'm happy to hear she is restful today. She really ceased the One Day at a Time philosophy and lived her life with courage and valor each day. Please hug her for me. You have one great example for courage and wisdom. Blessings and Hugs going out to you and your family during this diffcult time.

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Thank you for posting .... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.... may peace soon be with your mom and in time, with all of us who are with praying with you ....... please keep us posted when you can.... love from Alaska....Sue D

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Sure wish it was better news.  I'll keep you, your mom, and the whole family in prayer.


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Joined: Feb 2011

Sure wish it was better news.  I'll keep you, your mom, and the whole family in prayer.


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Alexis F
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I say the same things every other pink sister on here says, and, that is how much I love Kari, respect her, admire her and will be praying for her.

Her superwoman avatar really shows what she is!

My hope, prayers and love to you, your brother and ofcourse for our Kari.


Hugs, Lex

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I wanted to also add how special your mom is to me.  She has been on my nightly prayer list for a very long time and continues to be an inspiration to me as well as all of us here.  Please give her our love and hugs--and also sending you some too.  You are a blessing, sweetheart.


Hugs, Renee

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I am so sorry that you and your mom are going through this.  How wonderful for her to have you as her advocate.  You are so right in how we all feel about your mom.  She is very special.  Prayers are coming your way for your whole family. 

Hugs and prayers,



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Different Ballgame
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Dear KarLee,

It's not easy watching a loved one being overtaken by cancer.  You are doing all that you can to bring peace, comfort, and joy to your mother, which are wonderful acts.  Thank you for letting us know how she is doing.  Not only is she in my prayers, but you are also.

Lots of Hugs,



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Not sure what is happening, put all I see in Karilee post is hearts and and bunch of stuff no words at all. It has already been flagged by someone. Could you please tell me what the update is on Kari. Thanks


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See her post from yesterday.  Linda

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Megan M
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on page one for anyone that can't read the original post from Karlee.  So just got down page one of the comments and look for Clementine's post.  Hope that helps.

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Megan M
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Sorry about this double post  grrrrrrr

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thank you for keeping us informed. It is very sad news to hear your mom is in Hospice. Sending prayers for your family. {{hugs}}


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It is good to know that Kari has a daughter like you by her side. I will keep you both in my thoughts and send positive thoughts to help get you through this difficult time.



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Kari means so much to all of us --  In the good, or bad times we rally together as a family,  send prayers, positive thoughts and

love to KarLee and Kari's extended family.

Gentle hugs, miles of love and strength I wish for all.

Vicki Sam



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Joined: Jan 2013

KarLee I am so sorry to hear about your mom. But im happy to see that she has a remarkable daughter that truly loves her. God will bless your efforts immensly! Don't lose faith, keep fighting strong! I can't offer much advice but i would like to direct you to a site that helped me deal with the diabetes that plaugued my family. healtheo360.com is a caring network where people just like you share there stories, support, encourage and inspire eachother. there are also tons of videos you might be interested in watching about breast cancer. 

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KarLee- thank you for keeping us updated on your mom. I love her dearly, and I am crushed at the thought of her suffering. Sending lots of hugs and love from Indiana 

<3 xoxo


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