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Green Tea

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My first biopsy was done in 1998 when my psa was elevated to 5.5. It was negative. My uro began checking psa every 6 months. It remained relatively constant for a year & 1/2 when it rose to 7. Another biopsy came up negative. At that time my uro told me that he was fairly sure that I did have PCa but couldnt treat it until he could confirm it with a posative biopsy. At that time I began drinking green tea four to six cups a day. My next psa showed a reduction in numbers as did another six months later. At that time, my uro said that I would only need psa testing at once a year instead of every six months unless the numbers started to increase drastically. My psa bounced between 6 (something) and 4 for the next ten years when my psa rose from 6 (something) to 8.5 at which time I had my third biopsy. It came back positive with 1 core at 30% and 2 cores suspect but not confirmed (whatever that means). My Gleason was 3&4=7 and staged at T1c (negative DRE).
Bottom line is that I still drink 4-6 cups of green tea a day and cut my coffee consumption to 2 cups/day. I was treated with CyberKnife in 2010 and since then, my psa has dropped to 1.2 on a steady decline since the treatment. All DREs have been normal.
I buy my green tea at a Chineese whosale grocery and a ten lb. bag of loose tea costs about $9.00. This lasts me about 9 months. I brew the tea in an automatic coffee maker
which I set to turn on 7:00 a.m. I read (somewhere) that by adding a small amount of lemon juice concentrate to a cup to the tea, it will increase the effectiveness of the healing power of the tea. I don't know if this is true but I do add the juice which increases the taste of the tea. Jimmy/Cleveland

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Your experience with the Green tee is great. Thanks for the info. It deserves a try particularly for cases with the cancer in a dormant status. This may be good for my Off-drugs period as maintenance. I will try adding at least three cups daily.


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I drink 3-6 cups of green tea everyday.

Started doing that when I went on my weight loss program 6 months ago when I gave up beer and soda and have been doing it ever since.

This started after I was already treated for PCa w/CK. Given my erratic PSA numbers and my recent rise (which we've determined is almost certainly not caused by cancer), it doesn't appear that drinking green tea has had any effect on me, except to cause me to have to urinate more frequently.

This may actually be contributing to my current urinary frequency/urgency issues (but probably not the burning). Will be getting a urinalysis shortly to see if this problem is based on an infection or some other cause.

If not, I might stop drinking green tea to see if at least the frequency/urgency issue goes away along w/the reduction of caffeine which is a diuretic.

I also "discovered" that Cialis has been approved for use for symptoms (like urinary frequency) caused by BPH. Don't know if I have an enlarged prostate currently but I stopped taking my daily 5mg Cialis a couple of months ago (because of the cost and the ability to "perform" w/o it) about when my urinary problems started. So, I may start taking Cialis again to see if that has any effect as well.

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