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The doctor missed it

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Hi everybody,was feeling good late Monday and Tuesday, then at 8am this morning the oncologist at Hershey called to say that the scan shows that I have lung cancer, they had a team meeting and did whatever they do and confirmed that a grey area was cancer. I am being scheduled for a biopsy, don't know when but right now I am zonked, going through every emotion possible. I got an e-mail from his Nurse that said that if it was a new cancer it was caught early.

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So sorry for the bad news. Will keep you in my prayers.

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I am so sorry to hear you news. Please know I am thinkig about you. Please let us know what happens with the biopsy. Know that we are here for you.



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Sorry to hear that the battle continues. Will keep you in our prayers.

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Hi Dennis, I am going through what you just have heard. I have a metastatic spread from Tonsil / neck to my lung and mediastynum area. Got my port placed yesterday and start chemo monday.

Hang in there buddy, we beat the beast the first time, we will slay the beast this time.

I'm thinking of you.



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for my husband. One step at a time...sending prayers.

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I'm NED as of earler today but this proves we never (anyone) know what the future may hold.

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You'll get your plan together and move forward.

Waiting to hear the next step.

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Well that totally sucks....

Keep the fight Denis, I know you will.

Thoughts and Prayers,

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I will say it.... "THAT SUCKS"

i must also say, it's not c until the biopsy says so.

don't know with all you been thru what your experiencing, i will say my heart goes out for you

prayers for understanding, wisdom and comfort


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I just hate that news. Hope it was alright I whispered a prayer they are wrong, but it c then early enough for you to beat the heck out of it....

I said that prayer right before hitting post ....

Keep us posted ..



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Sorry to hear about the news. But you will have to fight back. I am sure you will be alright!
Going to pray for you!


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It is early in the game and the whole team is pulling for you.

Praying that things go your way.



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jim and i
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I am praying the biopsy comes up negative. I know the emotions are all over the place. When they told us Jim now had lung cancer I lost it. Since that time (6 months ago) my emotions have run all over the place. Jim seems to be holding up better than I but he tends to keep it inside.

Keep up the fight.


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Tonsil Dad
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You've beat this beast once before Denis, you can
certainly do it again.
We all pray for you.

God bless
Tonsiil dad,


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This is crappy news, Dennis. We're all right here tho, to support you thru the fight one more time....I'm just so sorry you have to do it.

Hang in there, the news might not be quite what they thing till they do a biopsy.


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I was so afraid I would hear that news myself, know you are in my thoughts and prayers, for a complete recovery.

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D Lewis
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So very sorry to hear this news. The fight continues.


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Pam M
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This has to be an insane time for you - I'm sorry you're in this spot. Just because you CAN beat this doesn't make it OK that you're in a place where you have to.

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Sorry to read this post...as others said one day at a time...sending blessings and light .


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Thanks for all of your prayers, they are much appreciated. Yes it is a dreadful feeling, I feel worse about this that the original throat diagnosis. Not sure how the doctor missed it, I was in the room with him on Monday as he went over the scan, he pointed out the nodule and said it was absolutely nothing to be concerned with. I don't know if he looked hard enough at anything else, will ask. I have questions for him that I did not think about when we talked on the phone, if you can advise me of any questions I would be most thankful. Denis

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So sorry to read this... But keep strong and don't stop fighting! With positive attitude everything can be done! My prayers are with you that you're gonna win this one!!

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and I to pray you will win the 2nd fight with the beast.

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He did miss the the status of the nodule, he said at first that it was still the same as before and not to worry about it. Upon further review it turns out that the nodule has grown very slightly and is of ground glass opacity, therefore cannot be classified as a mass. he said it is extremely slow growing. If it's a new cancer then the step[s are clear. If it's a metastatic growth then something else will be done. So let's hope it's new. I go for my biopsy at 6:30am on Tuesday morning, don't know how they are gong to do this but I must have a driver with me, my long suffering wife gets that dubious honor. Denis

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I'm surprised they went out on that limb before the biopsy. I know the shape of a spot on the lung can be a telltale sign. If I were you I would hang my hat on those words "caught early". Not certain if your is mets or primary. Two years ago, my brother had kidney cancer and while being treated at Mayo, they found a small spot on his lung. Once they determined it was a primary in itself, they removed the lobe and there haven't been any new issues. Hope sharing his story brings optimism your way.

denistd's picture
Posts: 534
Joined: Apr 2009

It does bring optimism. I have read up on this a lot and it seems that ground glass opacity meas it is not a solid thing, if this is what it is and it's a little more than the original 4mm I feel I will be on more firm ground. Thanks Denis

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Posts: 678
Joined: Feb 2010

Sorry about the news and know it pisses you off. Time to put on the gloves and come out fighting.

Know we are all with you in some shape or fashion.


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Denis, Wow that is just unbelievable to get the all clear and then a few days later, back to square 1. Hoping for the best possible results for you on Tuesday's biopsy. Stay strong. Cheers


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I am so sorry for you but here is some good news. One of my best friends had stage 4 lung cancer (primary) and was given a 5% chance of living 5 years. That was 7 years ago and he is doing GREAT! They treated him with what at the time was a new chemo drug and surgically removed a lobe, no rads.

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I have your music my friend and I still listen to it now and then, you need to stay around and keep playing for me. I have you always in my prayers.

Tim Hondo

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Posts: 534
Joined: Apr 2009

I am going to try my hardest to stay around, right now it's rough because I have been told different things by three doctors, and of course the first one was emphatically "it's nothing" will have my biopsy done at 6:30am on Tuesday, don't know what they are going to do, they told me to make sure I bring along a driver as I will nor be able to drive, so I am assuming, maybe wrong, that they will do a bronchoscopy, whatever it is. So glad yo have some of my music Hondo and so glad you commented here. Listening to music is my main way of relaxing, especially listening to new good talent. My GP has a very talented daughter just out of college, she went to Nashville and cut a few songs of hers onto a cd. When I was at his office yesterday he gave me a cd to listen to, she is great, plays guitar and piano and writes awesome songs ala Carole King. Stay strong old lad and I will do the same. Denis

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We are with you. Praying for you. Keeping you close to our hearts.

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Sending you some positive energy!


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D Lewis
Posts: 1565
Joined: Jan 2010

Here's hoping for the best possible outcome.


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Had a message on my answering machine when I got home from the hospital wanting me to register for tomorrow morning. been trying to call admissions for the last hour and it's always busy. Getting real anxious, the message said that I would be there for about 5 hours so it looks like they are going in through my mouth. I can honestly say this sucks. Denis

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There are many of us here pulling for you brother.


josh r.
Posts: 234
Joined: Oct 2010

Hi Denis,
As you can see we're with you today, tomorrow and beyond. All the best, Josh r.

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Thanks all, One of the most upsetting things I will see tomorrow is gonna be passing the children in the hallway with their hair gone, for me at my age and being in the lions den already is one thing, the poor little kids are another thing, but I think they are the bravest. I appreciate the prayers for me, but add the little children of Hershey. Denis

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Doug and I sponsor several children from St Jude's and we pray for all the children daily many times. They are always in our thoughts. The little ones truly are the bravest. We also pray for all members of our "cyber" family but will say a special prayer for you tomorrow. Doug and Diane Ditto

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we are always be there for anyone fighting the fight, they are all family unconditional.

breaks my heart with we see the kids going thru it.

prayers for all, be strong dude


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