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I'm praying NED come November ?

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First and foremost thanks for all the prayers ! I am soooo relieved I switched clinics and now have an onc, that knows and works with my dx. He won't say for positive until my next PET in November but is leaning towards no evidence of disease. My dx will return eventually, (no clear margins, and perineural invasion) and he assurred me that he would attack it aggressively. And yes they have used rads and chemo to treat this dx. So saying this I am more apt to relax and let the man take the wheel for awhile, cuz I'm tired of the long road trip ! Also I have to see a GI specialist for the other issue. Doesn't think these are related but wants to make sure no issues with GI tract. So for today...yeah guys and gals life seems pretty darn good ! And if and when I need your guidence thru more treatments...I feel confident I'll be in the right spot ! You are the tops ! Katie

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Glad you have been able to travel a little further down the road. Rick.

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Yeah way down the road if my luck holds out ! This dx will return in my case, not everyones. But it is thanking the heavens a slow growing one. Thanks Rick ! Katie

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You have my prayers for Uncle NED to come visit you for a very long time....


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Thank you, I've got fingers and toes crossed on this one. I am just so relieved...maybe can do some fishing with calming thoughts surrounding me to catch a walleye or two ! Katie

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Wishing you well and prayers and positive thoughts going forward.



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Glad you have a happy spot now Katie ....we will continue to pray for NED :)


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Tonsil Dad
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We will be here when you need us Katie ( hopefuly you won't ) we've
got your back.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Wishing you a great November. It's been a great Scorpion month for me.

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In Minnesota this means deer season opener. I use to hunt for food, but no more. Now I hunt with my camera...life is pretty special and precious. I will be hunting and bagging NED though....with God's help ! Thanks, Katie

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I'm praying I won't need the option of more surgeries or tx's...but just knowing they are now there for me, wow...excellant ! I'll take all of you with me if need be...the clinic will have to expand to make room though ! Thank you Dan ! Katie

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I too am praying for a permanent NED for us all. I give it completely over to the higher power. Not saying I won't continue to be proactive in my dx....try to stop me ! I will bask in my happy spot, and enjoy every second of it ! Katie

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I will be praying for the same kinda news for you in the not to distant future ! Will be thinking of you ! Thank you ! Katie

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Best wishes and saying a blessing that NED comes your way.


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Thank you ! And did I read right on yours ? I haven't had time to read....need to do this tonite. Have another dr. appt. today. Scope city here I come ick ! But not H/N...the other end of the world. Thinking of you ! Katie

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I'm so glad you got some good news. It's such a relief to find a Dr who is educated about ACC! I'm pretty sure my ENT knows more about it than my onco but that's fine with me as long as they work together! I'll be praying for a clean scan in November!

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Acc...who'd a thought in a million yrs hunh ? Guessing this is so very true with all dx's. Stay proactive girl, and always question things you don't understand. Will be praying NED for both of us come Nov. ! Thinking of you ! Katie

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Hope all goes well in November. I am having a CT Scan on Nov 13, Thursday. Hoping we all get good news.


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and NED what a couple. Expect you both will have a long relationship, as always you are in our prayers.

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If I were too have another relationship other than my hubby...it would most certainly be with NED ! Thank you for the huge smile ! Katie

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Boy come Nov...yeah could be an exciting month for several of us ! As a fairly newbee on this site, I have learned so much ! But saying this it feels like an eternity. Thinking of you Ann ! Katie

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We can hold hands while we go get them for our first NED's!!!


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Thats 3 come Nov, and one in Oct. I missed Christmas last yr, as I was having surgery. So I'm so excited this year will hold way more meaning to me ! I definately be holding hands with you ! Katie

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Well, November will be obviously an interesting month :).

I wish that it's going to be the best month for all of us, for you Katie, Phrannie and everyone else who will be scoped. I pray to that really badly!

My dad is having his last rad today.. He feels like crap, his neck is burned pretty bad, he can barely swallow... But, let us all hope it is worth it.. for NED in the future.

Katie, my prayers are with you!!

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