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Weird Cistplatin taste side effect

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Water. Just plain ole water tastes salty. A nurse told me that she has heard other cistplatin patients say the same thing. Oh well, I'm just drinking flavored water. Don't know what else I can do. The most frustrating part is when I'm out in public, and just want a sip of water. YUCK! I"m going to buy me some fresh lemons and make lemonade.

Weird stuff....


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..I found if I put ice in it and drink through a straw was more bearable, Food tasted funny too..bitter sometimes..and I LOVE to eat...Val

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during my treatment but when I had cisplatin, the Sprite tasted so weird I couldn't drink it any longer. I switched to cran-apple juice which tasted okay to me.


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Posts: 528
Joined: Jun 2011

I can't even stand ice water. Thankfully, my food tastes haven't changed much. The only thing I've noticed is that I don't want salads, etc. But I am still recovering from pneumonia too, so those antibiotics have also messed with my taste and appetite.

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I need to add lemons or limes to water, but unsweetened ice tea tastes good to me.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I have noticed that too. My tastes buds and appetite are not quite back to normal. I found that room-temp cran-grape juice was tolerable. I couldnt and still cant really stand the taste of water unless it is room temp bottled water. I can't really stand the taste of anything cold except for snapple which I find delicious.

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Glad to be done
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How much do you have too drink? My doc had me on 80 oz. of fluid a day for 3 days after treatment and that didnt inclde the 2 liters of fluid I got on day 2 of my cycle. I got so sick of drinking.... My husband got me the drops called Mio that you put in water to flavor it. They have a bunch of flavors. I would drink ginger ale or sprite. Gatorade was also great too but I gotta be honest. I dont think I will EVER drink gatorade again... lol
Make sre you drink ALOT because cisplatin depletes the fluid. I made the mistake of not drinking enough and ended up in the ER after I passed out on the tile kitchen floor... Ended up with a concussion.

About half way through my treatments I lost my taste for coffee. It is back though. Althogh I don't have as much as I used to...

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Hi Carla, when i was on cisplatin, water tasted like grapefruit juice to me. But when I squeezed a few lemons into the water, it tasted like normal water. Lemonade is a great idea!

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I am not on cistplatin but I have the same problem with Carbo/Taxol when I was on it and now with the Carbo/Gemzar. I drink flavored water and food tasit funny so it makes it to were I do not want to eat. If you find something you like stick to it but I have found that even doing that the taste can change on that also.


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