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Had fortnightly bloods yest. My ceas have been very erratic. When first dx ceas normal. Once started chemo rose to 5. 6. Then 4.8.10. One month ago , after changing from xeloda to irrinotecan rose to 50!! Yesterday went down to 25. Who,knows maybe from having my infrared sauna each day helped get rid off crapy toxins. (course I don't have during chemo). Worst part is the insomnia Still God is good and without my faith I'd feel very alone.

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It could be crc die off.
I wanted to say wel come aboard, I am getting my
Far infared sauna in a few days.

Take it easy.


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Yep I figured nothing to lose. I know Mayo clinic very positive about them. Good luck with yours. Gotta try everything to get rid of these buggers. I'm sure you'll enjoy. God bless

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i hate to hear that you are on a roller coaster ride! hope it is not serious. i have heard of others taking wild rides too. mine even when i was dx stage 3 sigmoid cancer in dec 2010 was 1.6. after i completed chemo july 2011 my cea stayed around 1.3---1.6. then june 2012 it was 10. went for ct & peritoneal biopsy & it was confirmed i have metastatic colon cancer to 2 places in the abd. liver, peritoneal & rt ovary. possible left hip. go figure. how could i have all that cancer & just in feb 2012 the cea was 1.6. take care & keep us posted. hugs

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I was dx 2010 also. Keep positive. When ur not on chemo do you try change your diet?

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Hi, I hope your CEA continues to go downwards. My CEA results were (over 40 months): 9,11,14,17,23,29,54,119,now 249 because of progressive disease. OR could it be my body is getting rid of CRC dead cells!!!! I love to think so. Enjoy your new sauna.

Best wishes to you…


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Check with your doctor but mine approved the new ZZZZquil made by the makes of Nyquil for sleep.

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It is the 50% and that's a lot I think Irinotecan is working my friend! First test was too early to see the results ( I never have test until 2nd infusion).
I think things are turning to positive this time!.
Hugs and good luck!

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Let's pray it drops back to normal.


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