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anyone with anal cancer?

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I was just diagnosed with anal cancer. It was caught early, and I've been given a good prognosis. I know I'm blessed.

The problem is that I have received two different opinions from two excellent cancer centers, UNC and Duke. UNC said stage, but Duke isn't ready to stage it until after a PET Scan.

Before I go into asking questions, I'll just ask if anyone else has anal cancer.

Another thing I can't help but think about is if I will ever have a partner now. I have HIV and now this. Just feeling like no one will ever want me because of both HIV and the type of cancer I have.

I wish everyone on here well and appreciate any responses.

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Im very sorry to hear of your situation.  Rest assured that Jesus wants you  if you are willing to turn your life over to him and make him the Savior of your sins.  I did this when i was 30 years old and my life has drastically changed in addition to know im going to heaven for sure because of what he did for me.    Dave.

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I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  My daughter was diagnosed with anal cancer in August.  She has been through the treatments of two chemo and six weeks of radiation.  She had no other involvement of lymph nodes or any spreading anywhere else.  Her prognosis is good. 

However, recovering from all that has taken its toll.  She is tired all the time and cries a lot.  She is scared which is to be expected.


I would take one day at a time.  Don't worry about anything else but concentrating on your treatment and getting better. 


More and more people are being diagnosed with anal cancer.  No one wants to talk about it because of the type of cancer it is.  Who cares where it is, it is cancer and that in itself is a scary thing to be told.  I tell everyone I can about it so people will be aware that this really happens and if you have had HPV then like my daughter and so many others it can result in this type of cancer.  She was diagnosed with HPV in her senior year of highschool and had to have some surgery.  She is now 40 and dealing with this. 


I try to tell my daughter to find a support group.  Only a cancer patient knows the fear and uncertainty involved in being diagnosed with cancer.  So find people you can talk with and get support. 


God bless you and I'll pray for you on your journey through treatment. 


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philly, this must be very hard for you.  To see your daughter suffering like this and wishing you could do something for her.  I can't imagine what my mother and sisters thought when I told them as the patient vs. the patient is a different journey.

As a uterine cancer patient, it is the 'cancer down there' that no one wants to talk about, and anal/rectal cancers are very much like that as well.  You are right, cancer is cancer.  Radiation is continues to work for up to six weeks - and it is exhausting.  Recovering from treatment takes time.  You never think you will feel better, but it eases over time.  The fear takes much longer, and you are right that it would be great if she could find someone to talk to.  I think the American Cancer Society has groups and it is always nice to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE when you meet others with your type of cancer.

I pray for your daughter, that she can find someone to talk to.  I pray for you and your broken heart. 

 P.S. - I don't fit the criteria of for this thread, Gay Men Talk About Cancer, I hope that my two cents are ok.  philly, if you go to the Anal Cancer thread, there may be people who can help with some ideas as well.  I am not sure how "busy" each one is, I think they are all different. 

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