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Forget diet and exercise, I lost 10 pounds the easy way!

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You too can lose the weight, unsightly cancer cells getting you down, sign up now to have them surgically removed! Choose rectal cancer and real food will be a thing of the past! You'll never want to see pasta leave your body that way again! It's all available now for only $10,000, sign up today!

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I had lunch with a friend yesterday and her two daughters are getting married soon. She went on weight watchers and has lost about 25 pounds. I asked her why she didn't advice me of her weight loss plan before because I have been on the rectal cancer weight loss program. I said I have lost more weight but I think her plan was cheaper.

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lol Thanks to insurance, otherwise, forget it, you'd have to sell a kidney or two. Oh wait, would they take kidneys from cancer patients? Surgery number one was 10 pounds. Coming up on surgery number two and doctor has warned me I'm likely to lose 15 or more this round. Losing 15 pounds, a woman's worst nightmare! lol Not. Now the pooping in a bag part,that I'd love to pass on (pun intended).

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I am almost six months past my surgery for rectal cancer. You are so right about losing the weight with cancer! lol I have lost about 40 lbs since October of 2011 when I was diagnosed. The first six days post surgery I ate nothing but ice chips. I have to admit that I kept the nurses running. After four days they offered me a liquid diet and I tried it...nothing doing. I sent it back and asked for more ice chips. You speak the truth about real food being a thing of the past. lol I am so tired of pasta! I was lucky...sorta. I do not have a bag but in return for that little favor I gave up part of my rectal reservoir. If the urge hits...well...let's just leave that subject alone in polite company! lol

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lol Remind me not to stand to close to you!

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Hello !
I don't have the same cancer...but the c-diet has gone through my head enough days where I chuckle at the weight loss commercials. Don't think many would sign up....this type of diet OMG...people would rethink their eating habits. Thanks for the humor ! Hope all is well ! Katie

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Yeah, I too don't have the same cancer, but lost 30 lbs in the 6 months before my treatments began (from 180 to 150 lbs - call me 5 feet tall).

My nutritionist and doctors told me I needed try to maintain my weight.

Damn, this has been the easiest weight loss plan to date!!

Being diabetic, I had to laugh when they told me I would need to eat a lot of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and white bread. I was like, "What? Are you trying to kill me? Took me 2 years to get all that junk OUT of my diet and now you want me to eat it again?"

Sure do wish we could market this plan, but as you say, I don't think many would sign up!


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my daughter chose another great way to lose weight: dysentery! (She was living in India.)

We often joked about the mother-daughter diet plans - cancer and dysentery, quick, and you don't have to think about it. The weight just comes off!

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after I had 3 liters of fluid (ascites) drained from my abdomen.
Lost another 10 lbs after the first chemo round.

Eat your heart out Jenny Craig!

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I really wish this site had a like button! I think it would be so much more pleasant=)

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Hi Alexandra,

I've been looking for someone who has had some experience with ascites and saw your post.

I just had 2 liters of fluid drained, and it definitely helped, but I'm still somewhat bloated and legs, feet pretty swollen. I was glad to see that you said the ascites improved with chemo - I just had my first round last week so probably too early to see much change.

Love the posts about "cancer diets" - all my life I've struggled with losing weight - now, not so much!

Hope you are doing well with your treatments.


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I must be doing something wrong??? I GAINED 30, no fluid,no loss of taste, no up-set tummy...sigh! I want my money back! debrajo

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too good to loose that weight lol

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I lost nearly 30 pounds while in treatment last year.  Whenever I run into someone I haven't seen in a couple years, I am told how great I look.  I laugh and tell them I was on this amazing diet that took no will power at all.

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lol Two years later, I wish I could just keep it off.  It's not a good way to lose weight and it's horrible knowing you put it back on.  Too funny that people tell us we "look great", if they only knew!

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I got NPC in 2002 back then I was 225lbs and a hunk of a man. Now after being treated twice because I was not satisfied the first time, I am 140lbs. It is a blessing because I can go outside and if the wind is blowing hard I can tie a string on me and fly like a kite. The best part of keeping the weight off is living on the PEG tube, because they did a great job on my tongue to where I can’t swallow anymore. All in all I am happy to still be here and to be a part of my grandchildren lives.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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I had been trying to drop a few pounds for years but my job was too sedentary. I got esophageal cancer and went from 220 to 170. I can't over eat because I have half of a stomach- the other half became a new esophagus. I have never felt better. Best weight control program out there.

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My mother had radiation, two cancer surgeries, chemo, and one heck of a weight loss.  While she was recovering, she realized with horror that she truly had almost nothing to wear that wasn't PJs or robes.  So she asked me to please clear out her closet, donate her clothes to the local church's thrift shop, and while I was there, get her some new outfits. 

So, off I went with a car full of very nice clothes.  The thrift shop women were delighted, confiding that they loved it when people lost or gained a lot of weight and cleared out their closets.  I was armed with a tape measure (we'd measured her to figure out what size she now was), I started pulling out clothes and measuring them, making outfits, looking for things in her favorite colors and fabrics.  The store clerks really got into the act, helping me to find ensembles, suggesting accessories, etc.  We were having a blast.  Finally one of the women stopped and asked, "I've GOT to know.  What was your mother's secret to lose all that weight?!"  "Cancer," I said, sweetly.  She stared at me for a bit, shocked. "Nevermind," she finally replied, "Have you considered the lovely fuscia boucle?"

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