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My mom has appendix cancer...don't know what to do

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Hi guys, im super new to this website. Around this time last year I got a call from my dad, and he sounded very worried and told me he had some "bad news". I was like "oh shoot, i must have overdrawn my credit card" or something like that. "Your mom has cancer...it's serious". Turns out she had stage 4 appendix cancer.

Okay, I am 24 years old, and my mom is the rock of my and my families life. I get panic attacks just thinking that she might not be around in a few years. Since the diagnoses a year ago, things have been going the best that they could. Her cancer was VERY serious and spread. She still feels sick often which really worries me and makes me want to cry, but I have to be strong for my brothers and sisters. I feel so lost. I get so angry sometimes for no reason. She has a BIG mri next week, as it will be the first check up in a while (a few months).

Thank you for listening. I just kinda needed to vent :-/

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I'm 4 years out from my diagnosis and doing great. Mine had spread all over my belly, ovaries, omentum. I had multiple surgeries and chemo.

Is your mom seeing an appendix cancer specialist? If not, see if she can send her records to one. I see Dr. Paty at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. There are others scattered around the country. Here is a link to a partial listing: http://www.appendix-cancer.com/article.php?article=28.

My daughter is 24, my son is 28 - I understand your situation.

Yes, appendix cancer is very serious. However, a lot of us are doing well. It is critical that she see a specialist, however, in order to give her the best chance.

Wishing you well,

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My heart goes out to you and your family. I have stage IV signet ring cell appendix cancer, had a couple surgeries, on a new round of chemo... and praying alot. I agree that you need to see a specialist. At first when they thought it was colon cancer, my sister found a specialist at one of the leading hospitals in Chicago. When the diagnosis changed to appendix cancer, my oncologist said it's treated the same as colon cancer so we stayed with him. I had gotten much advice here that Appendix is a unique cancer and I needed to find a oncologist and surgeon that specializes in appendix cancer. I recently went for a 'second opinion" to MD Anderson and they found a new tumor. They have dealt with many many cases like mine, treated me like a partner, spoke in language that was easier to follow, have knowledgeable, wonderful teams, and are realistic. You don't want to take any chances...contact a specialist. They may suggest the same treatments and protocols, but they may have more insight.
Prayers are with you,
Bette N

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Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 4 appendix cancer, signet cell in 2010, spent last year in chemo and surgery. Your message from last year gives me hope. Have you found a diet that works well? I'm not finding very much about nutrition for this cancer. Ann

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Ann, no specifics about diet, but my integrative medicine specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering wants me taking a Maitake (Turkey Tail) mushroom supplement: Super Coriolus PSK. There is some evidence that it is beneficial to those of us with colorectal cancers. I am an appendix cancer survivor of almost 5 years, doing great.


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I am new to this blog. I joined this month because my mother was recently diagnosed with spindle cell cancer. It was a lump on her cheek. It's been removed and she has completed 20 days of radiation. Now she has a staph infection on her face from the radiation. This is not her first cacer or even her first illness. She has had shingles, valley fever, basil, squamous, and melanoma skin cancers. She has pulmonary arterial hypertension and now this rare aggressive spindle cell cancer. Through it all she has kept her spirits up bravely. I feel everything you are feeling about your mother. I cry when I think about it too much. I'm angry because she has had to endure one serious diagnosis after another. And I don't know how to help. I feel helpless because I live in CA and she lives in AZ. She lives with my father and he takes good care of her. I am going to stay with them in June. Before I go I am going to Kaiser for information about how to support her, and my father. And I know the are suffering through it without any support. Their generation did not ask for help and they still don't. I just want to hold my mom and tell her everything will be ok.

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