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Bone Scan Results

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Had a bone scan done on Monday, and just got a call from the oncologist saying there were no signs of cancer. Yippee! Now, off to see the orthopedic surgeon to see what is causing the pain in my hip. This will be like the last time....hoping for a hip replacement instead of cancer (before it was hoping for a bone spur instand of cancer). Thanks for all the good thoughts. Hugs, Judy

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Congrats! I went through that too but after the bone scan came out clear the onc sent me to my PCP who had me take glucosamine chondroitin. It did the trick. I could barely get out of a chair and walked like I was 90. Had trouble with stairs too. What ever it was never came back. I took the pills for a few months till I got tired of swallowing them. Good luck!

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Congrats on the clear bone scan!! YAH!! Hope you get the pain figured out soon.
Miles of Love,

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What great news! Thanks for sharing.



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Such wonderful news! So very happy for you Judy...loooooovvveeee hearing good news!
Wishing you continued good news..

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I'm so glad everything was clear! Takes a load off the mind! best wishes!!!! Carlie

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Double Whammy
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So happy for the clear bone scan. Now, I hope your hip pain can be fixed.


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So happy to hear that your bone scan was clear - that is really great news! Hugs, Linda

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Christmas Girl
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YAY! for the bone scan results. Along with you, I'll hope for a hip replacement recommendation/solution. Sheesh! We are a sometimes odd bunch, aren't we? Hoping for anything but cancer. :-)

Kind regards, Susan

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yikes ..but manageable, my mom had her left hip replaced a little over a year ago! Easier than knee replacement from what we've been told.

Good Luck, and let us know what is recommended.

Hugs, Strength and Courage.

Vicki Sam

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Judy that is fantastic news, yippee for no cancer and the potential for a new hip! You'll be dancing up a storm in no time. So happy your results were cancer free!

Big Hugs,


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This is great news indeed! My feet are doing a little happy dance for you-\-/

Be Well,

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Great news Judy! I'm so glad! Hope you find out what is causing the hip pain and get some relief.
I'm still waiting for my bone scan results and hope it's good news as well.

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Good news on No cancer! Good luck if you have a Total Hip. If you have to have a Total hip, try to find an Orthopedist who does the Anterior Approach rather than the traditional approach. There are no precautions after surgery and the patients get back to normal faster. The end result is the same just easier to get there. It's relatively new and few MDs do it but if you can find someone who has experience in it, I truely suggest it. I'm a PT working in a subacute rehab center treating postop Total hip patients. IM me if you have any questions. Cathy

New Flower
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Thank you for great suggestions

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sounds like you and I are going through similar problems. I have lumbar spinal stenosis and have had several nerve blocks and caudal epidurals. They help for awhile but then the pain spreads from the spine around my hips..... Hurts like heck! I had a CT scan on Wed that my onc will go over with me next week and Thursday I had a MRI of the lumbar. Rheumatologist will go over those results. Taking Arimidex doesn't help either. I'm glad your bone scan was clear. My onc hasn't said I should have one yet. Will see.....
{{hugs}} Char

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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No cancer is soooooo good! Congratulations! I hope all goes well with the orthopedic doc.



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That is such good news. A hip replacement is certainly better than cancer. Maybe you won't need that either. They may be able to do something with medication instead.


New Flower
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I am so glad that your bone scan came back negative. Good news. Sorry for the hip pain. We are weird people who are happy to have hp replacement!!!!
My visit to endocrinologist was very informative, however we are not not sure wether pr not I will be able to new drugs to treat my osteoporosis which has developed within 5 months while on Arimidex. Since I am a poor metabolizer of Tamoxifen I cannot go back on it.
I do have very limited options for my treatment.
Wishing you a good visit with orthopedic doctor.
New Flower

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Your gracious replies certainly perked me up regarding a possible hip replacement. New Flower, thank you for your input regarding Arimidex. I was on Femara for approximately 4 month, and had such hip pain that they switched me to Tamoxifen. However, I have always thought that the 4 months on Arimidex was enough to do a number on my bones in the hip area. I was diagnosed with osteoperina at the time of my initial diagnosis, and before any chemo, so they were aware that my bones were susceptible to deterioration. Guess this is what started my problems, and they haven't gotten any better in almost three years. I will see the orthopedic surgeon this week, and hopefully he will be able to diagnos the problem....and I can get on with treatment. Thanks to all for your help. Hugs, Judy

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Jean 0609
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Sorry I missed your original post. Woo hoo no cancer! Keep us posted after you see the orthopedic surgeon. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.


New Flower
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I will PM you about my treatment. According to the books, osteoporosis should not cause pain and discomfortbut it does!!! Aromatase inhibitors should not give us hip pain and back pain, but they do!!!. The most difficult for me is sitting at the desk, being on computer, and driving, however I feel pretty reasonable while walking. I do have a hip pain too and cannot sleep on my right side at all, I cannot sleep on my left side because of lymphedema. On Wednesday I am going to see physical therapist and within next 3 weeks will learn about future treatment of osteoporosis.
I am sure we will get through, I wish it could be an easy ride.
New Flower

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CONGRATULATIONS on the GREAT report! What a relief that has to be! Hope you get some answers as to what is causing the pain, soon!


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