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Neuropathy in Feet

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I had 6 chemo treatments last year for ovarian cancer. Drugs were Taxol/Carboplastin. The last treatment was Nov. 17. I had hysterectomy/debulking on Jan. 5 but there are still microscopic cancer cells left. As soon as surgical wound heals, I have to have 2 more chemo treatments. I still have bad numbness in feet along with pain, especially at night. Some of my toe nails and toes are turning color, blackish/blue. Does anyone know if the taxol also causes this? I read other posts for ideas to alleviate numbness and found it to be helpful. I had trouble with my feet before getting cancer. How can I tell what pain is from flat feet and stretched liagaments as opposed to chemo side affects. I have orthodics I wear in my sneakers. Should I go to foot doctor? I take nerotin 3 times a day and it helps a little.
I need to decide if next 2 treatments will be with same drugs as before, a reduced dose of taxol or another drug instead of taxol. Any advice? Thanks.


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After prostate surgery in 2006 i had DVT in both legs. It took almost 2 years of terrible pain in both of my feet until i found may way to a Neurologist. Was diagnosed with Neuropathy in both of them. Was put on a anti-depressent drug Nortriptyline. This has really helped with the pain. Still feel the numbness & little pain now and then but has allowed me to get around without any trouble.

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Hi Christine,
I was treated with carbo and taxol for endometriqal cancer. I had 4 cycles. * months post I still have bad neuropathy. My doc's tell me that neuropathy usually peeks in 6 to 7 months and then starts to be relieved. They told me that it takes a year for the neuropathy to go away. I know how painful it is especially at night. I too take neurotin 3 times a day.bI also take Elavil at night which does really help. Like you though I feel frustrated with this pain. My thoughts are with you as you continue as you continue and I would consider a dose lowering or a switch to taxotere.

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I have the same and my legsjump and hurt also. Alpha Lipotic Acid (ALA) seems to help. So does tonic water with quinine. Idrink 8 ounces a day and so far has helped a great deal.

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Would suggest that you Google the following supplements for help with neuropathy: they have far fewer side effects than most of the pharmaceuticals:

alpha lipoic acid (600 mgs a day)
adequate B12 (have your levels checked)
vitamin D3 (have your levels checked out)
vitamin B6
fish oil
vitamin E succinate

Would also suggest you check out Life Extension's web site; true, they sell products, but they have an impresive board of credentialed doctors. The site is very comprehensive and offers comments on ailments and supplments likely to help.

Good Luck,
Rosey R

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I am going to try the ALA, am already on B Complex, Vitamin D3, Fish oil, and Vitamin E. My feet are still numb and starting to hurt too lately. I had pelvic radiation for rectal cancer which led to an ileostomy January of 2009. I had 30 radiation treatments that ended December 2008. I told my onocologist in December 2008 but was literally ignored. Today my feet have numbness still but starting to hurt. Any ideas on Vaginal Stenosis? I am really frustrated with the results of chemo/radiation, but grateful to be cancer free.

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i have this in both feet and fingers . am takeing both vit. b6 & b12 , was told by doc. it may help . i dont suggest this for everyone but i find if i drink 1 or 2 beers before bed and leave the tv on in my room it helps me fall asleep . drinking all that beer will probably mess up my liver ! oh well , give some , take some i guess .
wish the best for you !!!!!!!!!

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as weird as this may sound I had taxoterre for breast cancer and there are days it feel s like i have atruck sitting on my feet BUT as weird as it sounds i started taking water aerobic and that has helped the pain i actually run around with no shoes on some days

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