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parotid gland cancer

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I found out in December 09 that I had parotid gland cancer . On Feb 5 th this year I had a operation at John Hopkins hospital for the cancer the operation went well Then on March of this year I had 33 treatments of Radiation to make sure they got all the cancer. It has been almost 8 weeks since my last Radiation treatment and I still have all kind of pain and little blister like sores all through my mouth. I wonder if anyone has had this kind Of radiation treatments and how long before the mouth heals .

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Hi Dave.

I had scc unknown primary and had 33 rads + 3x cisplatin (chemo).

The mouth sores have FINALLY (well there's maybe one left) gone away. It has been a battle vs thrush plus blocked salivary ducts plus the effect of the treatment that contributed to the sores. I rinse with salt/baking soda, swish nystatin 3x daily, brush teeth 3x daily, and I keep swallowing. The only thing you can do beyond all that is endure. They do go away.

My last treatment was April 1 so now I am 8.5 weeks post treatment. Throat still hurts, mucus is nasty ("thick and rubbery" said my ENT today) but in general I am trending positively.



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Hi mick
thanks for the info
they took the salivary glands on the left side of my face plus 45 Lymph nodes in my neck

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I am 5 years passed my last treatment and I still have a lot of pain in the neck and head at times. When it gets too bad I just take one Aleve a day and can general make it to the next day. A lot of the times the treatment does damage to the nerves I was told, might be the reason for the pain.

On the mouth sores Mick has some good advice; I too use the baking soda everyday.

Take care and welcome to CSN

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Thanks Hondo for the info I have been using Baking Soda & salt mixture several times a day sometimes it helps and sometimes no. Its nice to have some advice from people that has been there

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I am three month's post treatment for cancer of the left tonsil. I had 38 radiation treatment's + 3 cicplatin chemo. I still have a few sore's on the inside of my left cheek.
My dentist at the cancer centre chcked them out yesterday & said they were caused by trama from the treatment & take time to disappear. I use the baking soda & salt water rinse but they are still hanging on. She said they take time to disappear.

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