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Post treatment pap tests

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Are any of you getting routine pap smears after the hysterectomy, chemo and radiation? My understanding is that the top of the vagina is a common site for reoccurance. Wouldn't that make it important to do pap smears to that area to check for changes in that tissue? Are any of your doctors recommending pap smears? I am going to ask my doctor about it next week at my appointment.

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Just recovering from radical hysto on Nov. 17, oncologist says paps every 3 months. But he didn't say for how long...a question I plan to ask him on Dec. 14 post-surgical follow up and (ugh) pelvic exam. (I guess I might as well get used to planning onna regular feet inna stirrups experience.)

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I got them every 3 months, except while on chemo I am not getting them. You haven't had any yet Deanna?
Thinking of you from Oregon,

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Okay, evidence continues to mount that I need to find a new gyn/onc even though it will mean traveling at least 3 hours!!
I finished radiation last December and chemo the first week of June and have not had or been offered a pap smear. It just occurred to me when I posted here... I think I am just beginning to think clearly after chemo.
Anyway, I see him on Friday for exam and the results of last weeks CT and I am going to insist on a Pap Smear!
Thinking about also requesting all of my medical records and taking them for a second opinion. Has anyone heard of any good gyn/onc in the Kansas City or St. Louis, MO areas? My husband wants to check into MD Anderson, but that is much further. Thinking....thinking...thinking...
Thanks for all of the answers ladies!

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I don't know how close you are to either KC or St. Louis but I'm seeing a gyn/onc in Wichita who studied at MD Anderson. Dr. James Delmore I have only seen him 1 time but he took a lot of time and care with me. My sister works at a hospital in Wichita and he is highly recommended in the medical field also.

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Every three months and she really roughs up the deep end to get the cuff. Diane

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Same as Diane.... Last one she really, really dug deep and my PAP came back abnormal saying that I had changing cells. Gyn/Oncol says that is normal after having radiation...

Hugs to all!

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I am to have a PAP every 3 months. I had my 1st post-treatment PAP last month (since I had my radiation after all of my chemo & the gyn-onc wanted to wait 4 months post-radiation). I'm pretty sure the plan is for every 3 months. The gyn-onc said, when he did the PAP, that there was a little 'flaw' up there that he attributed to brachy damage and he'd see me in 3 months to see if it was fully healed. It didn't light up on the PET, but he didn't seem to think it would. I never got any feedback on the PAP outcome, so I guess I should ask about the Monday when I go for chemo.

PS: Claudia emailed me last night with an idea of using heat on that malignant armpit node that has been hurting me. I tucked a heating pad under my arm last night because I just couldn't get comfortable to go to sleep. (It hurt to lay on that side, and then the weight of my arm on it hurt when I layed on the other side.) Anyway, the warmth of the heating pad and a pillow under my elbow to keep my arm propped up off the tender area really helped, and I slept soundly. So, a special THANK YOU to Claudia!

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My gyn/onc said that radiation skews pap results - waited 6 months after treatment before doing a pap - did instruct nurse to mark my sample as "rad 1" - this result was normal and I have repeat smears yearly - agree that scrape is deep as there is always significant post-bleeding

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My first pap test post op was in October and mine was the same as Diane and Marge's. I was told that I would have to go back every three months. A nurse from my oncologist's office called and told me that my pap test came back okay. I had my first Cat Scan in October and that came back normal. I cried at the news. I was happy, but still couldn't believe the news. I was scheduled for a pet scan, but my insurance company denied it. I had told myself from the beginning that I wouldn't be okay in my mind if I had the cat scan only. I guess I will believe it until someone tells me differently. I am coming up on my one year date of diagnosis. I have been having difficult days with this. Has this happened to anyone else?


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My gyn/onc said a recurrence (mine was 1-C endometrial) occurs most often in the vaginal cuff - hence the need to monitor that area with a pap smear - For the 1st two years I saw him every 3 months for a full internal/rectal exam with 1st Pap at 6 months post radiation and yearly since than - will be 4 years ned May 2010 if I continue to do well - Starting this past year, my appt schedule has been stretched to every 6 months as I have had good reports thus far

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I will definately be asking for a pap smear on Friday when I see my gyn/onc... it has been 15 months since surgery and no pap yet!!!

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I get PAP smears at each one of my appointments which at first was every three months, then every six months. Also, if you use KY Jelly or something like that if you have a dialator, it could give you atypical results on your smears. Just don't use it 48 hours prior to testing.

Further, brachyrads can cause atypical smears too. I had an atypical result in March (although I had used KY Jelly a day before) and in July it was negative. (didn't use KY Jelly for several days).

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every three months for 2 years (maybe 3 years)


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And Bella, you probably have Aetna which believes PETs are experimental for uterine cancer but not for ovarian - I wonder what genius came up with this protocol?? Probably not a woman.

Fight fight fight. Gather the troops around you. I started a thread on this topic in Nov - so check it out or email me at daisyelder@comcast.net

Mary Ann

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and as if that is not enough I find the daily (for first 3 months after radiation) dialator dreadful. But I am happy to be here to complain! I ask my gyn/onc how long I must do this and he said for the rest of your life.I am a single, busy, Mom. Any advice?

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