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Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor of the Ovary

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I have read alittle about this type of cancer and it did say that it is rare but when I type in Mixed Mullerian it comes back paula57. That's me! Is there anyone else that has this cancer. I recently finished my chemo and doing okay for now. I am having alot of knee and mainly hip pain. I called the Dr office and they just called me in some pain medicine. I still had a half of a bottle but oh well, I don't want to run out. My next appointment is in Sept. Any information would be appreicated. Thanks! Paula

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Have you found anyone else Paula. This is a very rare gynecological cancer

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No, I have still not found anyone with this type. I wish that I could. My CA-125 is on the rise but a CAT-SCAN didn't show anything. Thanks for replying.

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Hey there Paula! Looks like we have at least one thing in common -- MMMT. I was diagnosed last August 2008 and have had 6 rounds of chemo - carboplatin and Taxol, which shrunk the tumors so that I could have IPHC surgery at Wake Forest. It was a 9 hour surgery; they cut you from your sternum all the way to your pubic bone. THey remove all the cancer that they can visibly see and then add heated chemo to your peritoneal area and gently manipulate it throughout the peritoneum. I go back to Wake Forest next month for my first CT scan w/contrast, lab work and then to talk to the doc. I sure hope he has good news for me. We all need hope, without it there is not much we can do. If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know. How are you doing?


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In May 2008 complete hysterectomy with MMMT. Caused they think from tamoxifen I took after lumpectory in breast 1999. Took 6 chemo treatments just in case a cell slipped out . They thought everything was contained in uterus. Now it has matastisized to left lung. Tumor size of silver dollar. I started radiation today for 25 to 35 treatments to shrink the tumor. Then cyberknife (thank heavens for that) and the 3 toxic chemos for I don't know how many treatments. PET scan shows cancer no where else. Tumor closes off half of bronchial tube entrance and a little top of my lung collasped. I'll turn seventy in 6 days. They say it's odd for uterine cancer to go to lung.

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I am sorry to hear that it spread to your lungs. That frightens me because I was just diagnosed two months ago with MMMT, had a complete hysterectomy, and am supposed to start chemo within two weeks. After hysterectomy, my lymph nodes were clear, but there were a few "small spots" left behind. The chemo they are advising is cisplatin and ifosfamide. Is that what you had? I am supposed to be in the hospital for four days each time it is administered because of nausea, toxic effects, and "disorientation". What was your experience?

I don't mean to go on about myself. Lung cancer is frightening, you must have been heartsick when you found out it spread. Our type of cancer appears to be so rare, my husband says I am "One in a Million", but I could do without this! Best of luck to you, God Bless. I would appreciate anything you could share about your experience if you would like to share more. Wingsoflight

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My mom was diagnosed with MMMT , she took her first carboplatin yesterday , she is 62 yrs old . Dr said , it's now in the liver :( any survivors out there ?

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Hope you are still doing OK....I have my very best friend in the world who was diagnosed with MMMT three weeks ago...She is very weak and still in the hospital fighting this...She is in Stage III, and hysterectomy radical was the surgery performed....She is too weak for CHEMO yet....so Dr's have suggested palliative care for now.....She has a hard time talking, is throwing up some still.....cant even get out of the bed now it has been three weeks,,,,,,,,,On PAIN meds because she complains of total body pain....

I am wondering if some type of Immune Therapy or Nutritional Therapy will help at all....The situation looks dire at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!

Prognosis says up to 2 years???.I am hoping they are wrong!!!!!!

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My mom is going through exactly the same thing , did you find any help ?

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There is a yahoo support group for MMMT where there are hundreds of members - many with inspiring and uplifting stories of long term survival! Please come and say hello.


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Dear Paula,

As I am writing this, I pray you are well and have won the fight.

My best friend has Mixed Mullerian, stage 4. We are lost, and I am searching for treatments.

Would love to know the treatment and details of your journey.

Thank you,

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My mom got diagnosed with ovarian Mixed Mullerian. I would love to know about best oncologist and treatment, etc.




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I was diagnosed with MMMT of the ovary, stage 4 -  in January 2007. After surgery by a oncologic gynecologist (be sure to see such a specialist) and 5 rounds of chemotherapy, I am not cured, but the cancer is continually being knocked back and now I feel quite well. Hard to separate chemo weariness from general age weariness - I am 80. Never expected to reach that age, so be encouraged, try to maintain a positive attitude, and do not give up!

My first 3 rounds (6 treatments to a round) were with carboplatin and taxol. Next round employed carboplatin  gemcitabine and avastin. Had to eliminate the Avastin due to side effects like sending blood pressure way up. So last round of chemo was just witn carbo and gemcitabine. 

My CA 125 which was once 3100 was brought down to normal range (35) after each round of chemo. Unfortunately the length of time between rounds gets shorter each time. But hey, nobody lives forever...

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Hi Bugsnplants.  I too am Mixed Mullerian.  Just going through my first reccurence now and stressed to the max...any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am wading through treatment and doctor options, clincial trials vs regualr doctor locally..



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Hi, Paula,

I just had to register as I was diagnosed with MMMT in my uterus, localized, and will have surgery next week.

I did find a thread on MMMT so here it is:  Hope you find something therel


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I am wondering if theres anybody out there with this type of cancer and would like to chat? I was diagnosed in Oct 2014

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Hello Ziva,

Please repost your question on Ovarian or Uterine board. You are more likely to get responses there.

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Hi Paula...I am Mixed Mullerian as well.  Stage lllc and recurrence.

How are you doiNG?



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Pat, as Alexander recommended visit the Uterine board (on this site) and you will find other women with MMMT.  There are survivors there who are happy to give you support. 

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