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You hear so much about diet, I don't know what to think. Can anyone lead me in a logical direction - before I focus on just blueberries and grape juice.

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Yes, it can be confusing and overwhelming. My personal experience from Stage 1C ovarian, total hysterectomy, omentum and lymph node removal - resistive training (weight traning of some sort) is extremely helpful to ward off hot flashes as it increases testosterone. I also take a good multiple, Vit C, E, Selenium, Calcium/Magnesium, FluorEssence Tea, Mushroom Extract, fiber, good sources of protein, low carbs, no sugar, no caffiene, lots of veges, certain fruits. This has all helped me to take off the chemo-weight, keep my CA125 level low, and just feel much better. You can research this more, but just be sure whatever you take is not a estrogen enhancer. There are some supplements and herbs that can be. Good luck and keep in touch!

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Thank you for the info. I'll keep in touch.

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You mentioned chemo weight. I lost 30 pounds from chemo, but when my treatment was over I gained it all back plus about 20lbs more. I have had a hard time trying to lose the weight. I exercise at Curves 4 times a week. Healthy

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