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will shave my head, thank you all!

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Hi all, thanks for all the replies. I will shave my head sometime next week...towards the end of my chemo cycle. And I'll let you guys know how I feel after. Hopefully as good as most of you described :)
God Bless everyone!

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All I can say is, "Enjoy!" I waited a couple of days too long before having my hair buzzed off, and had a "carpet" of hair throughout my house. Those Swiffers really do work!


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I will be getting my buzz-cut in a couple of days, let us know how you're doing.Take care.....

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I am new to the network and to all of this. I just posted my first question and saw your topic. I didn't see your original question but I take from your response it was about how to handle your hair falling out. I, too, am struggling with this but I haven't as yet started chemo. Can you tell me what your orignal question was and what made you decide to shave your head? My fear of losing my hair is one of the main reasons I have not yet decided on my next step in the treatment cycle. I would greatly appreciate knowing your thoughts/feelings. Thanks!

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Keep in mind that the awful truth is that metastatic cancer is not curable, whereas hair grows back. I went back and forth on taxol - my oncologist said he thought I should - just try the first treatment, he said - and I did and then the second etc. and soon all four were done. There wasn't a hair left on me anywhere.

But if my cancer should recur, I won't be able to say to myself - Shoulda listened to the doc!

There may be some people who will quibble with me about the curable/noncurable statement. There is remission but that is not forever. What has your doctor - the supposed expert recommended?

The chemo was no picnic but not as bad as I had expected.

Keep in touch and let us know what you decide.
Courage and hugs from

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I'm not the original poster, but thought I'd share my experience with you. I'm having my 4th AC treatment Friday. I shaved my head a couple of weeks after my first treatment when my hair started falling out in clumps.
Actually, my 16 year old son shaved it for me, and then I shaved his. It was one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had - quite empowering. I started out with very long hair and had already cut it short in anticipation of losing it. I generally wear scarves or hats when I go out, but not at home or even in the car and I don't own a wig - knew it would drive me crazy. Just this week, after reading some of the posts on this topic, I shaved the stubble that was left with a razor as kind of a precursor to my last round of AC. I found that taking charge of my hair loss instead of letting it happen to me made a big difference in how I felt. Not to mention that on those days when I don't feel my best, what could be easier than a bald head? It will grow back and I figure that most people never even get a chance to see what they look like bald and what their hair looks like at each stage as it grows back in. I intend to enjoy it.

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Hi Sherlynn,
Sorry, I didn't see your message until today. My original question was "can i shave my hair during my chemo sessions" and all the responses I got was "yes." I was asking because I felt so bad about the way my hair was falling out and how different I began to look. and actually, although I said i was going to shave my head, I didn't. I had it cut really really short before my treatments started. And I didn't shave them off because my sister thought I look cute with the left over hair I have and my mom said I now look like the baby she had 25 years ago. So I thought to myself, as long as I can get well and beat this cancer, I don't mind the hair loss anymore. And as time passes, you will get used to the way you're going to look. My sister and mom even say that the remaining of my hair are growing quite a bit. So I am happier with the way I look now. It's only a trancision. Don't worry, they will still grow. And I believe what everyone else said, the hair will grow out fuller and better! God Bless You. Be Strong!

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