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stage 3 cervical cancer

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2000. I went through the radiation and chemo. now i have been cancer free for about 1 1/2 years. I have alot of problems with my legs hurting. is there anyone out there who has this problem too? also, how do you ever get over being scared of the cancer coming back?

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Our timing seems about the same - but I was stage 4. I get leg twitches every night and sometimes I look like I have parkinsons because I just have to shake my right foot. I also get foot and leg cramps that are wild. After radiation, I had an illiostomy and recently I developed hemoragic cystitis. I have been in the hospital 3 times since December, and have had 11 pints of blood. When I got blood the leg cramps went away. I am thinking that blood chemistry may be involved...get your blood checked with particular attention to potassium and magnesium levels. Supplements may help but you may need medical intervention. Oh, by the way, I go to get my illiostomy reversed on 4/16 (if I can keep the bleeding down till then) wish me luck. I want to dance April 27 and I want to visit my granddaughter in Arizona in May!!I will if I want to! Hang in there--

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It scares me to see how many people have beat their cancer only to have very serious health problems as a result of having had radiation !! Does this happen to everyone who has radiation? It has certainly made me think about saying no to radiation if the doctor wants me to have it !!!

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Feb. of this year was my last treatment. I also had stage 3. My legs do hurt also, along with my arms, but that is normal, they tell me. You have to be very positive and tell yourself that you are not going to give up. I wake up every day and thank god i am alive. grann77198

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Hi janeyb, Thank you for asking the question about leg pain. I too,have had leg cramps and really severe foot pain (same small area on both feet) since February 2001. I have never had foot or leg pain in my life. I am 2 1/2 years since treatment ended for stage 2B. I have changed shoes, changed chairs, been x-rayed, blood tests, had my feet taped, started with a G.P, who referred me to a Podiatrist, my regular Oncologist visit, and a Chiropractic visit. All with absolutely no diagnosis or change in the cramping or foot pain. I thought there HAD to be a relationship between the leg cramps and the severe foot pain. Is there a treatment for this? ............

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Dear JaneyB.,
I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March of 1998. I had radiation therapy and a radiation implant. My cancer came back in June of 1999. My doctor said he would give me chemo until it was no longer working for me. I had two treatments with him. I then went to Fox Chase Cancer Center. The doctor there said he thought he could help me. I has surgery. A tube and ovary were removed. I then had chemo until March of 2000. My last check-up, they found something in colon. I need colonoscopy. Haven't had it yet. Anyway, about the legs. My legs are very, very weak. I don't know if it is from the chemo or not. I find it hard to even carry anything or take anything up steps, like groceries. I also have numb feet from the chemo. Hava a hard time. But, after 4 and one-half years, I am still ok.
I just worry about it coming back myself. But I try to go on with living. Hope you feel better. Try to be relaxed.

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