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Pancreatic Cancer

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Joined: Aug 2014

Any surviors out there.  Like to hear your story.


Steve Cool
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Joined: Aug 2014

My Wife was not well she had Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

she had chemo therapy

And in April 2014 after 2 years 3 mounths and 7 days of hell She Died of pneumonia

Life is not good

Joyce Ladouceur
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 On Jan 2012 I had a Whipple procedure done for 

Stage 3 pancreatic cancer .They removed my gull bladder.

The head of my pancreas's ..part of my stomach...bile duct...

Some of my intestine and 17 lympnodes. I then did 6 months

Of chemo...7 months later this came back only to  2 places in my 

Liver...I was told I had 5-6 months to live and that I could try another

Treatment but that was all it was! I came home that day..I sat on my

Couch and I remembered that this Jesus that had washed away my

Sin so many years ago could certainly wash away this cancer once and for 

All but I knew I had to do my part too. So I went into hospital ..had a port shoved

In my chest and began this horrible experience again. I didn't even make it through the

First round....I got violently sick.. My blood was taken and my tumour markers came

Down to half and right then and there I knew God was at work ! Next treatment I slept through

And with home with chemo which I wore around my neck that run for the next couple

Of days. 5 months of this and this cancer was gone.  IIts been 3 years since my Whipple and 16

Months of freedom from cancer . The doctors and medical team could only take me

so far but it was God that was in control and took me the rest of the way. I can tell you this ..

when Jesus takes something from you ....that is the end of it...it is gone for good . Luke 18

Verse 27 tells us that God can do what man cannot !   Our God is awesome and how I thank Him f

For sending Jesus.....Don't ever let anyone tell you there is no hope because with God there is. !...................

I'm just learning the computer so please excuse my errors..........................