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John of God. I would delete and put on spirituality but don't know how. Forgot about that board.

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Nana b
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 I would delete postband put on spirituality board but I don't know how. Forgot about that board. 


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Nana b
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Hi, I had a very close co-worker and friend visit John of God in Brazil after her cancer (breast) diagnosis about 3 years ago.  She is very spiritual and the 2 weeks she spent there changed her life.  She had 2 surgeries (both lumpectomies) and radiation, but decided against chemo.  She came back with videos similar to the ones posted on youtube and told us he actually does cut people and remove things from their bodies.  There are some rules about getting treatment, you cannot be in current treatment (chemo or radiation) to get any "surgery".  the rooms he does these miracles in are large, crowded and have no air conditioning or antiseptic.  She did speak to a few of the people who had these surgeries and they said it did hurt and they were basically in shock while being led away.  My friend had one of his non surgical treatments with a crystal bed, etc.  she felt sensations in her body where her cancer had been removed.  She felt cured after this.  Many of the friends she met there are professional people, not just spiritual "wackos" as some people call them.  One woman she became very close to has recently passed.  She was not able to get "surgery" from JOG since she was very advanced in her cancer.

I find it all fascinating, while I may not believe he has the power to cure disease, some people do believe, and sometimes that can make all the difference. 


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This all sounds a little weird, and I would be terribly leary, especially with someone cutting on me in a strange enviroment.  (I had a C-Section without anesthetic, and talk about shock, I was in shock for a whole year)

The mind is a powerful thing. When I first started listening to a guided imagery CD, to help my mind settle so that I could sleep, I could feel things, I can't even describe them properly; they were like waves of tingles, coming from the inside out. I would focus on my pain, which at that time was where I had my bowel resection, and I could feel it leave my body in waves. 

I still meditate and can have these feelings. I focus on my liver now, and I feel these waves of tingles going from my body out into the air. 

Wether its cancer leaving my body, remains to be seen, but it feels good, and its harmless, so I continue to do it. 

I find this all very interesting.


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Nana b
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I meditate also and had these tingling feelings, and I totally believe in healing yourself.  I just got back from Standford and they tell me cyberknife is on hold until October 3, when I get my next scan to see how the chemoemobilization worked.  My lesions on my lungs and lymph nodes are not growing, and I hope it's due to my meditation, my pretty much raw diet and my morning greens that I juice and my afternoon smoothie.  I also take supplents, C, D3, Calcium, B13, Turmeric, Milk Thistile, digestive enzynes and an immune booster.  I took these the last time I went into remission, so here I go again.  



My husband and I are thinking of taking a vacation and going to Brazil, but since it's hot there right now maybe I'll go after October 3rd.  

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