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Nine year old lump in thigh--so scared

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Hi all,

I'm so frightened and upset: I have had a lump on the front of my left thigh for almost nine years.  It was more "fatty" before but I noticed in the past few weeks, it has gotten less superficial and more firm.  It's also quite large--I think it is the size of the palm of my hand.  I'm also noticing a dull muscle pain and discomfort.  

Nine years ago, I pointed out the mass to my doctor who dismissed it.  Over the years I would sometimes mention this lump but doctors were always dismissive.  For some reason, this past weekend, something clicked in my head and I googled.  My heart fell down to my shoes.  I have a son who just turned two and am a care-taker to two elderly parents.  I didn't know how serious this could be.

I went to see two doctors--one of whom dismissed it again.  The second doctor ordered an X ray, which showed nothing.  On my own, I pursued an appointment with Dr. Samuel Singer at Memorial Sloan Kettering because I just feel like something isn't right.

Some questions:

-Do sarcomas show up on x-rays at all?

-What were some symptoms people had with regards to a leg tumor?

-Is it possible that this is just a benign condition?  If so, what can it be?  I'm panicking because the only information that comes up for large lump thigh is cancer.


Any words or insight would be greatly, greatly appreciated...

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My sacoma is probably totaly different to what you may or may not be dealinf with. If you havnt got any answers yet (sure hope you have) My advise would be find a Dr that will get a biopsy, only way to be sure.

Good luck.

PS? Not cancer till a Dr says it is.!

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I am going through something like this also. Could you update me with what you find out. I have an appointment with a Sarcoma specialist next week

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What happened?

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MRI are best for finding Sarcomas, even then only good well trained eyes will spot small ones.  X-ray is of no use.  That hospital is considered one of the best for cancer treament.

NO biopsy.  Just take it out in one big chunk.  


Let me know what the pathology report says AFTER the thing is removed.  I wish the best.




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