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Thinking of....

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Kim/Anabelle41415 today as she goes in for her double proceedure. 

CammieS husband, and hoping all is going well with his chemo. 

Carrieh, hoping that she is recovering well from her lung wedge resection surgery she had on June 6th. 

Craig, of course. Just dealing with the pain and the pain and the pain. 

Wondering how Suemarie's husband's results from the second colonoscopy are. 

Danker, how is your lovely wife doing? I do so hope that she has been able to add a few more pounds to her weight. I think of both of you often. 

Wolfen & JBG, I hope you are enjoying your time together. Hoping that JBG is able to control her pain enough to enjoy some serious mummy time. 

Our new member, Yolanda, giong through her chemo. I hope it went well, and now you know what to expect, round four will be so much easier. 

Oh dear! Why are there so many of us here. Darn that Cancer. 


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Thinking of them and of all of you. Wish I had not to find you and this board but I am glad I did.

Hugs from GermanyPetra

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JBG is still fighting pain & sleeps most of the time. Some days are better than others. Hospice has offered to up the meds any time she is ready. They are to deliver a rollator/walker today which may enable her to get around the house a little easier. We rarely leave the house as she is out in the country & riding or trying to walk is a chore for her. She has a nice front porch & sometimes sits there for a bit. She can see her horses & there are always deer & rabbits in the fromt yard, as well as a lot of birds. This environment is so different from mine, no hustle bustle, & so quiet, green, & beautiful. Her home is on a hill in the middle of 28 acres, so you don't run next door for a cup of sugar.  LOL

Will talk to you all later.



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Oh Wolfen, JBG’s home sounds so lovely and peaceful, a true paradise.  May her ailing body feel the serenity of her surroundings and provide her with a sense of calm.  

Please give her a gentle hug for me.



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For everyone.  What a great update!  I've been lurking and reading and reading... it's so nice to have all this peer network information.  I make it a point to add EVERYONE on the board to all my prayers and thoughts.  All of you, in sharing your stories, help all the new additions sink their feet into the reality ground.  My reality is God gave me another day.. I need to not just have life but be lively!  Thanks to the support here, it feels like a bunch of shoulders nudging me on.  I'm happy to be a cheerleader for all that need it!


Cathleen Mary
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You are always so thoughtful, Trubrit.  Thanks for expressing the sentiments of many of us.  I think of people on this forum several times a day.  I loved Wolfen's description of JBG's home....now I can imagine their time together better. Prayers and wishes for all.



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Thank you for starting this thread.  It is sad that so many are going through different things.  We all seem to have a cross to bear one way or another.  Everyone is always in my prayers and thinking of you all throughtout the day.

Hugs! Kim

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it makes me sad.

But thank you for checking in with folks, trubrit!  as always, you add a lovely spirit to the board.

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You are an amazing person, so thoughtful even in the midst of your own issues.   You are a blessing to this board.


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And so very thoughtful... there are so many of us to keep track of, and you remembered me and my sweetie. i just posted an update.

Thank for thinking of us.

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