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CLL: Sensitive to warm weather?

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 I was diagnosed with CLL a couple of years ago, and have been having my blood checked every 6 months.   I've noticed a pattern:   when I get it checked in late August my WBC count has risen, but when it is checked in February it stays the same or drops a tiny bit.   Coincidentally, I've noticed that I have been feeling tired and rundown more in warm weather, and of late have had bad headaches (which may be connected with an ear problem I had last year).

Has anyone noticed a sensitivity to warm weather?   My WBC count is mid 14's, by the way, and I am wondering if anything that happens to me is due to the CLL, or if my mind is conjuring it all up.   Not fun to guess, but I think I feel the beginning of something on each side of my neck as well...

I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give.  Thanks.

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Hi Mathewnmn:  I suspect you're just seeing normal fluctuations in your WBC, nothing that indicates a meaningful change in your status.  I'm an avid distance runner, and was diagnosed with CLL in May 2013, with a WBC of 25,000.  At that time, I was worried that my sluggishness in summer heat, particularly at the beginning of my marathon training season, might be CLL-related.  But my doctors, both my internist and oncologist, assured me that it's normal to feel slow in heat.  You eventually respond by building up red cells, which improve your blood's ability to carry oxygen.  Your red cell count has nothing to do with CLL, however.  Your WBC is really low:  I'd be delighted to be at 14,000, but I hover between 20,000-25,000 and am not particularly concerned right now.  I'd pay attention to any lumps but if they're symmetric, that's likely nothing too.  I raised similar concerns with my oncologist and she said yes, you have lymph nodes on your neck.  Everyone does!  Enjoy your good health as long as you have it, and don't worry too much!  -- Terri 

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Hi Terri,

Thank you for responding.   I guess I've been a little paranoid/worried since getting the diagnosis a couple of years ago.   So, you are between 20 and 25,000 and have no symptoms?   Sounds like I don't have anything to worry about for awhile.    I got the "lumps" checked, and she said everything was fine.   Time to enjoy summer.:)

Take care,


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I'm 67, dignosed in Jan '14.  Was very tired before.  WBC22,000-32000.  I am not a nervous nelly. I  Try to forget this, exercise, keep grandkids, trave,l enuoy life.  BUT  The cll is not good.  Tired, weak, several infections this summer.  Yes heat in Ga is far worse to me this year.  I'll keep on keeping on.  But life is much harder with this fatigue.  Probably due to enzyme cancer is secreting, I'm told!!!!

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