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Feeling Frustrated...

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I was all set to have my Latissimus flap procedure on 5/22 - but after speaking with the doctor, he has decided to take out my tissue expander and let that heal for a few months than proceed to do the Lat. flap procedure down the road. My body is showing signs of severe infection...UGH!!!...Why can't anything just be simple? I was nervous about doing this procedure and now having to postpone is frustrating...I realize my doctor is making the right decision - but this was supposed to be a 'simple mastectomy' a year ago...So many surgeries just to have boobs. At this point, I feel it isn't worth it...


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I am so very sorry for what you are going through.  Praying that you begin to fully heal so you can move forward in your recovery.  Sending big cyber hugs your way!!!

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So sorry to hear..I have only had two lumpectomies (Same side) and have chose not to do any PS) but I can understand the FRUSTRATION LEVEL...SO SORRY TO HEAR...i'll check back for updates...



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Having been there - I would like to share my experience with you.  

Preparing for my exchange after chemo, the trama of all the in's and out's of treatment - doctor's appointments, endless anticipation - my surgery date scheduled.

Giddy and full of hope - my family and I traveled to the Grand Canyon for vacation - on the way home my right breast started to burn within 12 hours I was home, then rushed to the hospital with a 'STAPH' infection.  I ended up with emergency surgery (5 day hospital stay) - LOST my right expander = and all HOPE of getting to that 'FINISH line' of my journey.

So I cried for weeks, walked around lopsided ... left breast fully expanded -- it was HORRIFIC to say the least.  Emotionally drained - and deflated (honestly) - i waited until my PS said it was time to re-insert new expander, and went thru the very painful fills.

Fast forward 5 months ---  exchange surgery performed, and I walked on glass in fear of another infection.  All went well = Part of my issue is that I am allergic to PENICILLIN - so when I get any type of infections - it is very serious.

Hoping I provided you with some sort of support ...  or idea on how things can turn upside down for us mastectomy Gal's in a FLASH!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam




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Thank you for sharing your story with me…I am very sorry that you too have had to go thru complications.  It just isn’t fair…Did you have radiation too?   That is what my PS says is why my skin was breaking down.  Though I was healed on the outside, the inside was a mess. And, the skin was so very thin.  I also think that when he went back in to put in a new expander in December, he started the ‘filling’ process too much too soon.   

Are you happy with your results?  I am also emotionally drained.  I sleep at least 7 hrs but wake up feeling exhausted.  My blood levels are fine – so, I’m sure it’s just my mental status…  J

Anyway, Thank you lovely ladies for your support – and your ear…


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Double Whammy
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The general public seems to think if you have a mastectomy, the plus side is you get new perky boobs.  I have learned from your experiences, that this doesn't come without a price (pain, trauma and emotional issues) and it often goes bad.  My heart goes out to all of you who have struggled with reconstruction.  Hats off to those who have been successful and are happy with their foobs.   I had a lumpectomy and had oncoplasty to reduce that breast (it was bigger) at the same time.    I had no idea at the time all of the factors that go into mastectomy and reconstruction - only that the survival rate for my early stage cancer would be the same as long as I had radiation.  Statistics were very good either way for me, so I chose lumpectomy.  Many women my age have asked "why didn't you just have it taken off"?  Ignorant people. . .



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Ignorant people sums it up pretty good, Suzanne!!!  UndecidedWink

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I'm so sorry you have to wait. I know it's hard and you want to get your reconstruction done! I hope you heal quickly.

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No radiation for me .. however,  18 weeks of consective chemo - no breaks, no down time. 

After all said and done,  I am DELIGHTED and PROUD of my new Girls 'Bambi & Barbie'.  I did go up a size to 38 C - I started at a dress size 20 at time of breast cancer, and I am currently at a size 12/14.  The girls do NOT appear to be too large for my small frame.  My goal is 10/12 - I am not a petite frame at all.

Love them --  Just me ..

Vicki Sam


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