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Gemzar and fatigue

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Hi Ladies.


For those of you have taken gemzar, did you experience extreme fatigue?  This past Friday I took week 3 (3 weeks on, one week off) of cycle number 2.  I am SO tired and sleepy.  


I have had carbo/taxol, cistplatin, doxil and topotecan.  Doxil caused fatigue, but nothing like gemzar.

Hope all of you are getting ready for an enjoyable summer.  I teach part time.  (Tues, Wed. and Thurs. though not all day).  The 22nd is my last day until September.  I think I am more than ready for a break!  :)




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Hi Carla,

I've had a lot of Gemzar over the last two years. I always had fatigue, but I'm not sure it was any more than with Carbo/Taxol. it did work for me though - brought my CA125 down very fast. Hope it works for you, too. 

Enjoy your break!  I taught toddlers at Montessori preschool for 20 years, and I remember the anticipation when some time off was in sight. 

Cheers, Jo

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When I was on Gemzar, two or three days after the treatment I would basically be out for the count in bed extremely fatigue.   I mean you can be going strong and then WHAM! the tiredness and weakness just take a hold.   I would get similar tiredness other times but it wouldn't be as severe as it was a few days after treatment.

My best to you,



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Yes, I feel worn-out most of the time.  By mid-afternoon, I am pretty well spent.  But I don't know that it is any worse than with any of the other chemos over the past two years.  But it IS real, and so is the chemo brain.  With Gemzar, I might focus more on the fatigue, since (for me) the other side effects are so mild.

My schedule isn't as rigorous as yours...2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.  My blood wouldn't recover quickly enough to do the 2-on, 1-off schedule.  I continue to work full-time, but my job is not physical.  It involves critical thinking, technical writing, and sounding intelligent in front of groups of people.  EASY compared to a room full of preschoolers!!

Take care!

Rosamond M
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I have the greatest admiration for all those members

who work while at the same time undergoing treatment.

You certainly deserve a break and it is great to see you

will soon be having one. I hope you will be able to find

time to truly relax and enjoy  your break. May you have

wonderful summer.

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I am finally feeling better.  I had a busy weekend last week too, that probably added to the fatigue, but hey, you gotta live your life, right?  So excited that my son is coming tomorrow.  We will spend a whole week together, including attending my daughter and her husband's college graduation on the 17th.  :)  Dr. says we can be flexible with Gemzar, so I probably won't begin my 3rd cycle until after my school year ends on May 23.


Thanks Ladies!!



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