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Anyone have expericence with Carcinoma Menigitis from EC

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Dad was recently dx with Carcinoma menigits, orginating from EC.  VERY RARE we were told. Also told he as 4-8 weeks left. Looking to see if I can find anyone that has had it and what treatments were done.

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Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear your news.  I've never heard of carcinoma menigitis, so unfortunately, I can't offer anything but heartfelt best wishes,



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I'm sorry I've not heard of it. 

Perhaps you could get an opinion from a neurologist and also contact places like Yale cancer center , MD Anderson, Sloane kettering

etc to find out if treatments are available . ask your doctors also where to go for information and second opinions.

I'm very sorry, this is very hard for you , but perhaps somewhere there is a treatment available.


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