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Single Digits!

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Joined: Feb 2014

My hunny if finally in single digits! we have 9 more to go..tomorrow is his cat scan and then he gets two more treatments and then the final 7 "boost"..please keep him in your prayers that his stays as good as he is right now! He is doing so very well! Thanks yall!!!

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I start getting zapped/chemo tomorrow and hope Im as tuff as your hubby (and you!)

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Posts: 84
Joined: Feb 2014

My hunny did so well as you did from his surgeries and did very well the first three weeks of chemo and rads...but the 4th week..he got an infection and swelled up really bad and was unable to get treatment for almost a week...the mask wouldnt fit! he has been doing very well since then..but thank goodness he got the feeding tube as his throat swelled nearly shut..he wasn't able to even get water down for 2 days...he hasn't lost any weight and is still very stong..he eats some soft foods...just takes him a long time to get down...so i have been pureeing things in the blender and ordered some real food online for him..i think that has helped alot...stay stong...keep me posted how you are doing..and i will keep you on my prayers list!

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Remind hubby to keep drinking water and to keep swallowing.

Keep moving forward,


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Joined: Feb 2014

thank you Matt...he drinks about 7 bottles of water/fluids a day by mouth and i put extras in his tube! he got a really bad infection on week 4 and he swelled up so bad he couldnt get treatment or swallow...he is better now..thank goodness..just siffering from pretty bad burns on his throat..

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so happy he is doing so well and praying that he breezes thru the last tx.


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Joined: Feb 2014

Thank you..and i just wanted to say i love the picture of you and your fur baby! sooo cute!

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hit the single digits....a REAL countdown at long last!!  Congrats.....they will go fast, honest!


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Joined: Feb 2014

I hope they speed by for him! His is doing so good..i pray he stays able to manage the way he is now...thank you for all your great posts..the thrush one helped us sooo much!

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Yes it is a bumpy road but down to single digits is great. Next thing you know it's ZERO, and just recovery.

We'll keep you both in my prayers.


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for me i really bosted by positive thoughts when i got to single digits and counting down. 


go, go, go, go




josh r.
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The crowd is on its feet as you two turn into the "home stretch"! This is great news and all the best. josh r.

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Sounds like he is doing well, He'll cross the finish in a blink!

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