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I saw Dr Barakat (Sloan Kettering in NYC) speak last year at this meeting and he was very good.  The presentation he gave had a lot of information, some I had read and/or learned from this board, on the world wide web, and from him. 

So much so that I just spent the last 38 minutes relistening to everything I heard hims say before.


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Very interesting.  When was this?  He talked like carcinoma sarcoma tumor is rare. I thought it was more common. But he said main thing was the carbo/taxol chemo treatments. I will have to watch it  again to take betters notes. Trish 

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It was a great presentation. We have an appointment with Dr William Tew at MSK next week.  

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Thanks for the You Tube information and the speaker Dr. Barakat.  His speech was very interesting. I also listened to Dr. Susan Modesitt and she was very interesting also regarding surviving uterine cancer.



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Double Whammy
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Great talk(s).   I watched Drs. Barakat, Modesift, and Valera.  Being a Type 1 survivor, what struck me the most in all 3 presentations was the emphasis on being overweight or obese.  They did a good job explaining the estrogen connection and the role that fat cells play in estrogen.   Having had both Type 1 endometrial cancer and estrogen positive breast cancer, I have become increasingly aware of this connection.   I was indeed overweight when diagnosed, but not obese.  Yet my fat likes to hang out around my middle, so proportionately, I was probably obese.  This is a risk factor that could be avoided, but I doubt I would have accepted that it was even possible 4 years ago, let alone the usual "it will never happen to me" part!  No longer.  I still have breasts and don't want another round with cancer ever again.  And I can spread the news about this risk and why better now.



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Thanks a million for this link.Dr. Barakat is my surgeon and attending doctor at Sloan and I certainly don't

get this type of information from him at my 6 month visits! Thanks again.

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It sounds like some of you ladies found some of the other videos.  This video was from the two day event in DC last November for the Foundation for Women's Cancer.  Saturday was a day course, there was one for Ovarian and one for Uterine.  They had the robot that is used for some of our surgeries and I got to play with it - fascinating! 

Sunday was the walk, which I am planning on doing again this year.  I wrote about it afterwards, it was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had.  To be around all the other SURVIVORS of below the belt cancers - it was so nice to SEE women and that we are not alone! 

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Good speaker.  I was especially interested in what he had to say about lymph edema.  I don't have it but worry it might develope.  Now I know the early sx to watch for and that tx is more effective if started in a timely manner.

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I would love to join you there but will have to wait and see what is going on in my life in Nov. I have never been to DC so it would an experience. Let me know and I will support your walk, send a pm to me as it gets closer. Trish

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Saturday, Nov 1 is the day they offer the courses.  I had to laugh because they took questions from the audience, you wrote them down on cards and they sorted through them, and I think they were surprised by the quality of questions that came from all these really dynamic women! 

They divided the room, and the Ovarian side was a larger audience, but for the questions they opened the room for all to hear.  One of my questions was asked:  If the agressive Uterine cancers act more like Ovarian cancer should we (Uterine cancer patients) be looking to what is going on in that world for treatment?  I can't remember the answer but I really was intriqued when they talked about the targeted therapy and gene testing.  I would LOVE to hear more about that and I think another question I wrote down was about that and where do they do this?  At the larger teaching hospitals or where????!!!!  As I said, we are a dynamic group! 

After the race I went back to the airport and one of the doctors on the board of directors for the foundation was on my flight.  He had on his t-shirt and I started to talk to him.  Again, I think "we" surprise even doctors when we start to tell them what we know and ask the questions we want to know.  When I saw my gyn in January I told her all about the race and the doctor I ran in to on the flight home.  She knew him, it helped that I ccould say his wife is also a gyn practicing locally, and was interested in it all.

If I recall correctly I think I was supposed to meet up with ccfighter last year but didn't get the email until I got home.  I was SO disappointed.  I did meet the woman who wrote "Baby, you got the wrong color cancer" and I totally love her!!!! 

Put the weekend of November 1 (the course looks like it is going to be for Ovarian cancer only this year) and November 2 (the walk - which is so uplifting I practically floated home!) on your calendar in DC.  I know I have something big to do on Friday, Oct 31, and it isn't Halloween and am not sure if I will make it to DC for Saturday, but plan on the walk Sunday. 

My Team is already formed and posted on the site, but I would love to meet some of the ladies.  I love my purple "Survivor" shirt.  We ARE survivors and we really ROCK!

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