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No Cancer yet, but plenty of questions...

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I posted in another forum with the post below and someone referred me to this website. I was wondering if ANYone had any input, personal experiences or just thoughts on what I might expect. I know the statistics of thyroid cancer, I researched them all while waiting for my husbands prostate cancer surgery to finish, I just didn't like the way my ENDO went from "I see no concern" to "do you have a history of thyroid cancer, you have lots of calcifications inside the nodules". Thanks guys!

Hello everyone. I'm new here and just had a simple question. My endocrinologist recently viewed my ultrasound and at first said there was no reason for an FNA after viewing the right side. When she looked at the left she asked if I had a family history of thyroid cancer or if I had been exposed to radiation which the answers were no. She showed me the areas of concern and there were white spots of calcification and the largest one she described as mixed cystic and solid. My question is, how many of you had calcifications and what were the findings? My biopsy is April 7th and I'm not scared of it being cancer since prognosis is good, I'm more interested in similar stories and what your outcome was. I'm a science girl, so I just want to know numbers, as I write this my husband is recovering from prostate cancer surgery today, which his prostate had calcifications as well, no other symptoms. My TSH levels are all normal and no signs or symptoms of hypo/hyper or hashis. Any input is appreciated as my husband has been nervous despite what he is going through as well. Thanks!

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Just hang in there til the biopsy and try not to think about it, I know, easier said than done. They found mine during a neck check and did a biopsy on the spot so I didn't really think much about it til I got the results a week later. Hopefully it's nothing but even worst case scenario, thyroid cancer is very treatable and has a very high cure rate, which it sounds like you've already learned. www.thyca.org has great information and although I haven't been on here for a while I remember the community on here as being very supportive. Good luck and I hope your husband recovers quickly as well.

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Thanks for responding. I'm sure its nothing as well, or in the words of my doctor "I don't think much is going on there" but I guess we will see. Could be just a multinodular goiter as someone else told me, but when I researched I didn't find much information on calcification and multinodular goiter. My husbands prostate was calcified as well. Any rate, I wish you the very best and hope everything turns out ok for you. Thank you for taking the time to respond and I will update after my appointment. (since I hate when people end the thread with no news how they did lol)

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