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scans coming up and Fox I have report on hip

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Its that time again for scans of kidney in 3 weeks.  I already dread it lol.  Colonoscopy follows in June.  Good news is ,,,, my breast biopsy from Monday was benign.  I am so very happy.  I am at high risk of breast cancer and now every 6 months its a mammogram and ultrasound.  They placed tumor marker on the mass i have now to watch it  and hope nothing happens.    My pcp is finding another orthopedic doc for a second opinion on my hip.  The pet scan did light up in iliac crest  but  no cancer, found that my gluteus minimus tendon and muscle is tore from bone. 2 docs already said nothing they can do for me as the surgery does not work to reattach the tendon.  Fox if you read this  the gluteus minimus is torn at the insertion site was what was on report.  They put steroids in hip muscle last week and it done nothing for me.    the pain can be unbearable at time.  Just remember me in your thoughts and prayers.

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Brea, location, location, location. There are 2 schools of thought. One is you inject at trauma point. That is where the inflammation and damage is. That is where you want the tissue to shrink. But many inject at a trigger point to calm the nerve distribution it supplies. So commonly done for shoulder injuries. But that doesn't change the pathology. The question is, "Does the pain come from the insertion site or the avulsed tendon and accompanying muscle spasm? They will generally do no more than 3 different injections because it weakens the tissue. Makes no difference to you. The muscle is already damaged. So get reinjected. Having a muscle avulse from the bone is unusual without excesive force. The diagnosis is easy. The cause is not. I don't understand about the iliac crest. How does it light up if nothing is going on? I remember when my crest had mets. It lit up like crazy. I could barely walk. Percocets just to get around the house. It hurt.  Don't give up on finding someone who can help. I am sending Karma.

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Fox when the bone cancer doc I seen did the MRI and bone scan he told me he seen nothing wrong with my hips .  He did not know why I was hurting.  Went to far to say no arthritis or anything wrong.  It was when my medical onc got the radiologist report that she seen all this about the tore tendon/muscle.  She called 2 diff ortho docs and they just said nothing could b done.  Then she call this bone cancer doc back and ask him if he seen report and he said no cause he found nothing wrong with my hips.  Then she read it to him.  He said send her back I do joints as well as cancer.  Well I didnt really want to go but I did and he gave me to his nurse practitioner and she injected the steroid.The thing is  the shot dont help me much at all.  My pcp is not settling for this at all  he is finding me ortho doc who is interested in getting me out of some of this pain.  I am on dilaudid to just get around and ease this pain.  But it was radiologist who read mri said this could be the cause of the Pet scan lighting up.  I dont know anymore.  Im not giving up tho.  Thank you for your concern and your help.  I cant even get a doc to explain all this to me.  I go to raise my right foot to go up  a stair and I cant do it.  Need to get off these pain meds.

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