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I'm back, surgery a success

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Had surgery last Monday, came home on Wednesday.  Funny but the pain and tugging was not where any of the incisions were so I asked for a binder that really helped. In the 1980's Alabama was my farvoite band so when I heard they were doing a concert at SeaWorld on Sunday I became determined to make it there and I did.  I used my dad's power wheelchair and all though I think I over did it because I need a pain pill after and last night was a painfull one today I feel great.


Thanks for all the support.



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Congrats Cindy! Glad its over and you are on your way toward a good recovery.

Glad you did get out and had some fun!!

Not sure what you mean by a "binder" but I used this velcro wrap with magnets used for lumbar support. I used this dry ice block and tucked it inside this wrap and that reduced any swelling/pain so I hardly took any pain pills.

Let is know how you are doing, be well~


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Good for you Cindy!! Glad you had some fun. I hope your recovery is quick and easy!!



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See NTI. Nothing to it. good job!

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Hi Cindy,

You've passed our little initiation with flying colors. As a certified member there are only two rules; Live like there is no tomorrow and tell us about it. Seems like you are off to a good (early) start.



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Hi Cindy.. welcome back to the Kidney reduction group...!  Heal up... plan for all the fun things..


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Ron - the kidney reduction group - I laughed till I cried.  Love it!!!

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Good for you Cindy!!

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I try to be optimistic, helpful and a tad funny...  I am not smart enough to do any or all three. but every now and then I get a smile out of someone.. Cindy glad I got you to laugh.. must better than crying..!!  Heal up.. go kick a ball or something... just don't kick me in the balls... Ooops..  <*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-cool****" alt="Cool" title="Cool" border="0" />


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