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On my 6 week of radation

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I am writing to get some advice just start burning when I pee and my pelvic area is swollen and red.   Had no side effects until this last week.  All of sudden everytime I pee I liderally scream, feel like I am being cut with knife.  Is there anything I can do that might work.  I have used water bottle when peeing not working.  I am using azo that doctor recommend doesnt really help.  I got pain meds but I dont want to depend on those because I got to drive myself to radation due to my husband working and cant drive me. I am burnt on the inside out will it turn to  scare tissue.  I have spots in my pelvic area were some of my skin is stuck together because of the radiation burning my skin and it try to heal together which I break it part because I dont want the skin to grow together will that lead to scar tissue.  Any advice about what I can do about pee will be helpful.

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I remember a couple of things that helped me.  They didn't make the searing pain go away completely but made it somewhat manageable.  I got a prescription for pyridium.  It numbs the urinary tract as it is excreted in the urine.  I think I took it for about 3 weeks.  The other thing I used was lidocaine gel which I dabbed on with a qtip just before I peed.  It numbed the external area so that it didn't hurt so much to go.


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It sounds like you are in need of pain relief.  Can you get a friend to take you to treatment? Are there any services in your area that could be of support. Maybe the cancer Centre where you are being treated can help? I was lucky & managed pain on varying doses of codeine & paracetamol.  To make it easier to get inand out of car, some have used a silk pillowcase to help glide easier. Some inexpensive satin type lining material would be good too. Go commando whenever possible, & use a hairdryer to dry your delicate bits after bathing.

Not long now & it will all he done with. Goid luck, Liz

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Are you using sitz baths? I found soaking in a warm sitz bath was very helpful. I did not use pain meds because they make me feel sick and I did not want to add to my problems. Keep using the spray bottle. The good news is that thepain won't last too long. Just a few weeks and then the healing comes! Hang in there. You will get through this!

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I am 8 months post chemo and radiation. I had to spend my final days in the tub. Sometimes I would take 5-6 tubs baths a day to get relief form the burning and pain. I know this sounds rather ulgy but if you urinate in the tub water it won't burn as bad. You are at the end and things will start to turn around soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!

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Hello.  I am sorry you are even going through this but totally understand the pain.  I remember having the same issue and the sitz baths or warm baths helped a great deal.  I did not use much of the pain killers because of the constipation issue.  I also remember putting a cool washcloth on my bottom area and just laying in bed with that wrapped around my nether regions.  It helped soothed the pain.  This does get better.  You are on your last week and after the radiation is over you will start to heal quickly.  Hang in there.  Marilyne

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I had a lot of pain but urinating wasn't a problem for me. I read so much about other people having that. I am so sorry. 

At the forum on Anal Cancer at Sloan Kettering, Dr. Carter said that while anal cancer treatment is the most hellish treatment she has seen, the good news is, it doesn't last as long as other cancer treatments and has an excellent success rate. So you are entering the throws of the hellish part but it is not much longer.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. Not much longer and you will start to return to your old self or better, depending on how good you were before treatment. It's two and a half years for me and though I have some chronic health issues, I feel better than I have in years.

All the best,


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