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Annette 11
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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would pop-in to ask my question. I know I will get very good answers from many of my pink sisters. It is so frustrating to me when I buy bread at the grocery store because I cannot find bread WITHOUT Soy and Flaxseed in it. Does anyone have this problem...or do you not care if it is in your bread? I love bread so I eat alot and I don't have the time to bake it myself. Does anyone know where I can buy good wholesome bread without soy and flax in it? Soy is in many, many products so the choice is hard.  What are the brand names that you buy??

I'm sorry, I know this is such a trivial question...with so many pink sisters going thru so much...but perhaps others are wondering too. What we eat is so important to our health and recovery.

I have checked online but that wasn't much help.

Thank you for your help...



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Funny you should mention this.  Estrogen positive so try and keep off soy.  American bread generally is full of additives as is most now.  I like fresh crispy bread and soft on the inside.  European bread is delicious.  So I recently just started to make my own.  No bread maker or hook just knead it by hand.  Honestly doesn't take any time.


i use All Natural, No Preservatives, Unbleached White Flour Bobs Red Mill and the same brand 100 percent Stone Ground Whole Meal Flour.  There is some soy in the yeast Platinum Superior Baking Yeast Red Star, salt, sugar hot water, Crisco Vegetable Shortening.  One rise is 10 minutes and the second rise less than hour.  It is easy.


3/4 pounds of white flour mixed with 3/4 pound of Whole Meal add 3 teaspoons salt.  Rub in one ounce of shortening.

Around 14/15 fluid ounces of water 130 degs in a jug add sugar and let it dissolve.

Half the flour into two bowls

Add two packets of the dried yeast to one half and mix in.

Then add warm water mix to the flour with yeast added.  Adding second bowl of flour gradually.

Mix with hand or wood spoon or hook for a couple of minutes (I usually end up using my hands).  Then knead for two minutes.

Place in lightly greased bowl, turn dough over so the grease is now on both top and bottom, then let raise for ten minutes covered with a cotton kitchen towel.  (I put the oven on 300 Degs for a few mins then turn off and put bowl on open oven door so doesn't get too warm and start to cook.  Works perfectly.

Should rise twice the size in minutes.  Then just start to shape into rolls or loafs placing on a greased baking tray.  Cover with cotton towel again and out on a normal kitchen surface etc to rise again for up to one hour until double the size. 

i put a little skimmed milk into a cup with old fashioned porridge oats and sessami seeds then put on top of bread before putting into 375 deg oven.  Rolls around 20 mins or a little less they should be brown and hollow to tap on base.  Bread around 30 mins again tap the base.

They end up crunchy and inside soft.  I was surprised to find they freeze well and the buns are lovely defrosted in the microwave for around 20 seconds.  You can always put them in the oven again for a few minutes to warm.  You can add seeds to dough itself, or dried fruit soaked, garlic.


there a touch of soy but I am not bothered honestly.




Annette 11
Posts: 381
Joined: Sep 2010

Thank you Roz for your recipe. I may have to start making/ baking bread.

I hope other ladies chime in on this one...I do know what we eat is a concern during and after treatments have stopped...or is it just me? 




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breastcancer.org is a good website for breast cancer as well. Maybe you should try posting there.

I found a couple of  forums that may suit you:

- Healthy Recipes for Everyday Living  http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/86

-Complentary and Holistic Medicine and Treatment  http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/79

I hope you find some answers. Have you tried any health food stores if you have them in your area? 

I really can't help you other than breastcancer.org

I wish you the best.

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The studies are very mixed about dietary soy and estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.  The bottom line is a moderate amount of soy may be beneficial, but too much may be harmful:

"Bottom line: Even though animal studies have shown mixed effects on breast cancer with soy supplements, studies in humans have not shown harm from eating soy foods. Moderate consumption of soy foods appears safe for both breast cancer survivors and the general population, and may even lower breast cancer risk. Avoid soy supplements until more research is done. So, enjoy your occasional tofu stir-fry or tofu burger - they are unlikely to increase your risk of breast cancer and, on balance, are some of the healthier foods you can eat!"  http://www.cancer.org/cancer/news/expertvoices/post/2012/08/02/the-bottom-line-on-soy-and-breast-cancer-risk.aspx

As you have discovered, it can be hard to find foods without soy.  I avoid them when I can and just try and eat healthier overall: many more veggies these days.

Also, I avoid canned anything like the plague.  BPA (the chemical found in the lining of cans) is very worrisome because BPA really leaches into the can's contents over time.  BPA acts like a very toxic estrogen - soy on steroids.   http://www.breastcancer.org/research-news/20120511  I have been sounding the alarm on this chemical for some time and, recently, enough pressure has been placed on the FDA to decide to revise safe levels after many researchers and organizations such as Consumer Reports have been very critical of the high BPA levels found in our foods.  http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/december-2009/food/bpa/overview/bisphenol-a-ov.htm

Alcohol also acts like estrogen and I quit drinking.  No one explains this as well as Dr. Ruddy's article, Recipe For Disaster: Alcohol and Estrogen-Positive Breast Cancer :  http://breastcancerbydrruddy.com/?p=2703  There is no safe level of alcohol with ER+ breast cancer.

So, my opinion, avoid soy fillers but not necessarily healthy soy.  Eat a healthy diet avoiding excessive dairy and red meat.  And defintely avoid canned food and alcohol.

Annette 11
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Joined: Sep 2010

Thank you Cypress Cynthia...your post was very informative and helpful but how would we know a filler on the label...what would it read? Is soy Lethicin (sp?) a filler?

I appreciate your input.


PS. I think I will get my answer. I'm clicking into all the interesting information you suggested to read. OK. Thanks

Annette 11
Posts: 381
Joined: Sep 2010

Everyone should read what CC suggested. Very good info.!! Excellent...Thank you.

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My breast cancer was also strongly ER+/PR+, so I'm also concerned about soy.  

But it's my opinion that it's just impossible and impractical to completely, totally cut out soy, unless you eat nothing but whole fruits and vegetables, meat and fish and whole grains that you always cook yourself from scratch, and bread that you bake yourself.  No question, that would be a very healthy diet, and I'd probably live to be 100 -- however, I'd have to quit my job and give up any hope of a life outside my kitchen.  

So what I choose to do is avoid soy-BASED foods: soy milk, tofu, edamame, etc.  My doctor agrees with this strategy.

How I feel for myself is this: I went through a year of surgery, chemo, and radiation so that I can LIVE my life, and I need to balance my efforts to prevent recurrence with the pleasure of having a chocolate eclair or some Ben & Jerry's once in awhile. 

Again, this is just how I choose to approach things for myself, and my own feelings about this.


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Posts: 4017
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Traci, Please don't tell me if chocolate is bad for you.  It may be my last really bad weakness. Wink  I think your advice is sound - especially for those busy working.  I am really lucky because Danny has decided to become my chef after I did most of the cooking for 35+ years.  I am kind of enjoying being spoiled.  He is making veggie lasagna and fresh turnip greens with tasso tonight.  Laughing

P.S. No one wants me to cook tonight.  Had chemo today and I'm reaaallly woooozy!

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It is my understanding that soy lecitin is a by product and not acitve "soy poop" . so it is not a concern for BC. I also avoid obvious sources of soy and am eating nore simple home cooked foods. I feel much better. i was told to esecially avoid tomatoes in cans as the acid interacts wththe can and causes this leaching too.

Annette 11
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Joined: Sep 2010

I was in Sprouts so I thought I would check out the bread area. I found Rudi's 100%Whole Wheat Organic bread and it is simply delicious! I am so happy it has NO soy or flaxseed. Just very good ingredients and such a good taste and texture. Just want to let you all know.

Hugs to all...


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