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Praise God!  I had a CT scan today and received the news that there is “no evidence of disease” which is the best answer they give.  There will be additional specialists that look at the scans and they may find things.  I will continue to get periodic examinations for the next five years to insure that I remain disease free.  Thank all of y’all for the support and prayers. 

            They also checked my swallowing functionality and compared it with the baseline that we took at the beginning of the treatment.  My throat works.  The damaged tissues are healing. 

            I am scheduled for a flight physical day after tomorrow.  It will probably snow and have to be rescheduled, but that is OK.  Getting a medical will take time.  My understanding is that the flight doc will gather the paperwork and send a package to Oklahoma City.  The process of a special issuance will take a period of time perhaps ninety days.  I am going to contact AOPA and expand my membership to include the pilot protection services.  The special issuance for cancer survivors is not uncommon but like most government exchanges requires all the “t”s crossed and “i”s dotted, probably in triplicate. 

            I will begin refresher training soon to regain some of my proficiency.  It will be great to fly again.  Motorcycling will soon follow!



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ronney, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  we love to hear NED and celebrate everytime we do.  i'm doing the happy dance around my kitchen, i hope you did the dance too.  glad to hear things are getting back to norm for you.  sounds like you have some fun plans and are moving forward with life, keep it up!  here's to your flying and riding in the wind with the motocycle again.  enjoy.

God bless,


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Welcome to CSN. Always great to hear such wonderful outcomes. Being clear and returning to your life before cancer is great news. Gives every one of us something to smile about and shoot for ourselves. Thanks Don

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Congrats and reason to celebrate!

josh r.
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You are truly "flying high"! Ride on!" josh r.

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Congrats Ronney..

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Congratulations on your NED!

Remember your water bottle when you take to the skies.


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Congratulations! :-)

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Congradulation's... Laughing

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the kind of news we like to hear!!  Whoo Hoo for you!!


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