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another anniversary

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  End year fifteen , commence year sixteen. No signs of ca . Colonoscopy with one small polyp in nov last year. New issues ,irregular heart beat. Kidney disease has enterred nephrotic syndrome ,started on 100 mg daily of cyclosporin now up to 200 mg daily. Still living alone , still working five to six days a week. Only fished once last year(but still caught heaps). Life goes on. I wish good health to all. Ron.

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I will be 2 years NED from stage 3b / signet cell on 1/31/14.

 I am Over-Joyed for you!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Ron,

Yey!! Congrats on that very special achievement, I am simply amazed at your tenacity!  :)  (But I think that your sixteenth year should be filled with more fishing and less work!!)   :)




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I am so happy for you! I agree, you need to do more fishing in 2014!!!


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Wish you some resolution to your existing problems. More fishing would do it maybe?


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I'm sorry for the other health issues.  It's amazing what chemo can do to our bodies.  I have a few left over side effects but nothing like you have.

I hope you have some fur friends to help with lonliness and that you enjoy your work, but most of all I hope you can find time this coming year to fish and do all the things you love. 

Congrats on 15 years free of cancer and  wishing for better heart and kidney health in the year to come.



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Keep on keeping on Ron!

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And we are glad to hear you are still around Ron. 

Hey, I have always wondered - you cook and eat that fish in your pic the day you caught it?  Over an open fire?  I do catch And release myself, but sometimes I miss ha inv fresh fish cooked over a campfire.   Here in nj the trout streams are mosly catch and release and the parks all frown on open fires and most provide grills that are usually scanky. Still I might make an effort to get out and fish this year once the water temps get above 55.

As always, good to hear from you. 




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     Yes we ate him tho not over a campfire. He came from a fairly deep reef and suffered from baratrauma, In those days all you could do was a syringe to deflate the airbladder but he was too far gone. He was about as big a size to still be reasonable eating. My crew at that time were a double lung cancer sufferer and a sextuple bypass vietnam veteran and me on chemo for cc .We all enjoyed him. Later we started carrying lead weights with a barbless hook. You could attach the fish and send him back to his right depth and give the line a tug to release them. I spent most of my younger years wandering the creeks and estuaries . We never took food but we ate well . Fresh fish threaded on a grass tree spike and cooked over coals. Good memories. Now I keep the occasional fish for a feed but motly catch and release. Cheers Ron.

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you are amazing....keep going dear friend.......


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Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Great.  Glad to see you here this much later.  You wanted to leave us a couple a years ago and I'm glad you didn't.  You are a great inspiration to this board and good to see an update from you.  You have had some major struggles and I'm sorry about that, but you have given us here an insight on to what has happened to you with the treatment you had and warned us about the other things you are going through. Thanks for continuing to update us.


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You ARE my inspiration.....(I celebrated 9 years in December...NED on both the rectal and the breast!!!)


Hugs, Kathi


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