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Good News (I think)

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I had my CT Scan with contrast today and took the results to the doctor. Aparently the 3cm complex cyst they saw on my Left Kidney is a Bosniak II and he says I should just moniotor it. They found another cyst on my Right Kidney.  This was concerning to me but the doctor said it was small but a Bosniak III and should come out.  It's just over a centimeter and on the outside of the Kidney and he feels it would be a really simple open surgery with a minimal incision and could be removed easily.  Im concerned about having "things" in both kidneys.  I have an appointment on Monday at Sloan Kettering. Hopefully after speaking with him I will have the clear picture.  I will say the Urology Department at Beth Israel Medical Center has very nice doctors. Dr. Shah and Dr. Goluboff in NYC. So My issues are kidney and not bladder.

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Good Morning!

This does sound like good news!  It is a good thing that they are small, and that you have been referred to the proper specialiats.  Hang in there, stay posistive, and let us know how things go on Monday!

PS...People on this board are GREAT and will help/support you.

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It sure does sound like you have excellent medical personel and facilities working for you . I'm real glad to hear that .

I'll bet this problem will be a thing of the past in no time at all.

Wishing nothing but the best for you .


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Great news!  You are one lucky lady!

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Thanks for all the great support on this page! You guys rock!

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I'm going to Sloan Kettering tomorrow for my second opinion.  I have been so stressed. I wake up aroud 4 AM every morning in a panic.  I wonder if the radiologist at Sloan Kettering will see things the same as they did at Beth Israel.  I will post tomorrow when I hear my fate.  Im not looking forward to surgery.  so far I only had a C-section.


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The way I look at it is:   You will heal from anything the doctors will do to you. We are like forsythia bushes. Trim here, cut there, and then prosper. I say, "If the surgery is necessary, go for it".  Immediately if not sooner.

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First of all, I am so sorry for all you are going through. Could you try to think of this as a challenge to your growth and spirituality=what is important in your life??

You went through a C section and that was a big deal, but you made it right? You don't even know if you need surgery yet. Robatic surgery is even easier than the C section, as I can say I have had both with a fairly large vertical incision for my C Section. I had no problem with my kidney surgery. Little incisions, with one slightly larger, so I was just a little sore. I worse my lumbar wrap to support those sore muscles, but did not even need a pain pill once home.

Try to use your faith and inner constitution! You're a mom! You have learned to survive and cope with a lot already in your life, right?

You may or may not be religious, but being spiritual to me= self growth due to life lessons and hopefully to develop more spiritually after this new challenge. We do have control over our attitude on how we face things out of our control. Your attitude and fortitude is something you CAN control, right?

Lastly, we're here for you. Think of theat much needed energy you are expending when you don't even know yet what is ahead. So try really hard, hon, not to allow your mind to take you in a direction that is unnecessary.

Let us know how you are doing~

Warmly, Jan

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Thank you Jan for the kind words of s couragemnt. They meant a lot.

Today I saw Dr Coleman in NYC at Sloan Kettering. Left kidney has benign cyst. Right Kidney has a Bosniak III cyst 1.6 cm that should come out. Surgery is 2-13 and laporscopic. I was reassured that if it is malignant or not I have a good chance to be "cured" for now at least. I feel very lucky.


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Good Morning!

It sounds like the second opinion pretty much agreed with the first.  That is a good thing and should give you some peace of mind.  Benign cysts are pretty common.  Will pray that all goes well for you!

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I am an Asian male 35 yo living at Sydney, AU.  This is my first time posting here.  I am usually a silent reader who contributed quite few to any forum.  The reason I am replying your post is that I see a few similarities between our diseases:

1. We have cysts on both kidneys.  ( I have 2mm non-categoriable cyst at low pole of left kidney and 2cm Bosniak III cyst at low pole of right kidyney)

2. The sizes are small

3. We were diagnosed at similar period so that I read your posts.

4. I am a motorbike rider like your dad ( I seriously considered if that was the reason causing my problem too)

5. My dad has cancer too, but it is liver cancer (doctor said liver CA and renal CA are irrelevant)

I hope my story could give you more relief and get you well prepared for your surgery.  I was diagnosed with Bosniak III cyst in December 2013 by accident due to UTI.  The doctor told me at least 50% - 75% chances of being malignant.  The surgery was done on 1/22/2014.  Today, the doctor called me to say that the mass was benign.  I guess for Bosniak III cyst, if it is small, it might have better chance of being benign.  Also, since it is rare to have primary renal cancer on both kidney at the same time, I guess it increases our chance of being benign as well.  I hope this can relief you a little bit and get yourself good rest before surgery.  However, whatever it is, it has to come out.

As for the surgery, I did the open partial one.  The reason I choose open partial one was when doctor asked my opinion, I told him that I care more on long term survival than short term recovery if it is malignant.  The doctor said open partial one is safer regarding cut the mass clean and they can cool the kidney down.  I learned that the recovery from open partial one is no fun at all.  Surprisingly, I didn't suffer much.  I was discharged from the hospital on 25/1/2014. It is 6 days since the operation, and I feel I pretty much recovered normal (take 2 Panadeine tablets every 30 hours now, will try to stop using the pain killers at all), sleep well, good appetite, can cook/wash dishes.  I think I can drive( havn't try yet) and go back to work if necessary.  I honestly prepared for worse recorvery ---- I applied 4 weeks leave and told my manager that may take another 2 weeks if things don't work out nicely.  I don't know how other people recover from the operation.  What I did was I had been doing excercise (30 minutes run everyday).  I guess the pre-surgery excercises (for a month) might be helped on my recovery.  I believe you can recover easily.  So, please don't panic for the surgery.

Wish you all the best!




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Thank you so much for sharing your story Silver.

I noticed so many bikers on this forum. Coincidence? I'm glad you are recovering well. I am hoping I only need to miss 1-2 weeks of work. My commute can be a little strenuous but I suppose the exercise is good.  The nurse said I should get on a treadmill or elliptical soon after.  It's convienient I have both at home. My commute consists of a bit of a walk from a parking garage with a couple of flights of steps, then I take a train, switch trains (up and then down more steps.) When I get to NYC its up another flight of steps and about a half mile walk.  It's not a big deal when I'm feeling well. I work for a Chinese company so even though I'm an "executive" I am kept on a short leash.  I've been with my company almost 9 year but I don't want my illness to make me appear weak.  I'm a hard worker at  the office and as a homemaker.  Work ethic is very important at my company. I pray for good health for all of the kind people I have met through this forum.

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There are a lot of everything here..!!   OK, seems a few bikers have had their Cancer discovered after having a spill, oops (not me).  The lucky ones get it found early..   As Kidney Cancer tends to be asymptomatic, some/many of those that had early detection were the result of another unrelated issue.


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I am a little concerned about your comment that you want to be back to work in a week or 2. You will not be ready for your hectec commute etc. that soon. If I were you and was having a good recovery I would shoot for about a month and if I was feeling really good I might come in earkier for a few hours a day. Remember this is major surgery, not some type of procedure. Hopefully the Chinese company you work for will understand. I find my Chinese relatives very understanding (sister-in-kaw and family).





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