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Hello friends,

This Thursday, I went through my 3rd round of Chemo (Oxi followed by Xeloda) initially the chemo was scheduled for last Thursday. But my Onc postponed it by 1 week because my blood works was not good. Thursday morning another blood test was done & the count was still low. However just good enough to administer the Chemo. Onc has prescribed 3 shots of Neupogen (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) & said that it will help boosting the blood count & nothing to worry. Is this common during Chemo ? It’s just the 3rd cycle of 8 planned cycles for me. As I have a long way to go, Would love to hear your experience.


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From what I gather, and from what I went through myself, I think this is common for allot of chemo patients. 

I had Neurpogen shots every day for four or five weeks (its nice to be at a point where I don't remember). For a while, my blood was also just at border point, so I was able to have the chemo. 

Try not to worry. The shots are a breeze, albeit inconvienient if you have to go to the hospital every day, like I did. It will be all over soon. 

Keep us posted. 

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along with my blood counts, very quickly.  I had a few blood transfusions (anemia was my primary issue) and ended up being off by a full cycle by the end.  I also had to have my dosage reduced by 20%.  According to my doc,  none of these things make a huge difference to outcomes, so I tried to relax and enjoy my time off.  I hope you can too!


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Very common.  Just don't be alarmed if EVERY bone in your body hurts, including your scalp.  They never told me that was a side effect and when waking the next morning my head hurt so bad it was unbelievable and my hips too.  They both are major contributors of your cell production (being large bones).  It does wonders in helping boost your cell production and you might even feel a little bit more energetic.  Wishing you good luck on the injections and treatment.  Ask if you can do the shots yourself at home.  You don't have the drive to get there, you don't have an additional cost for hospital administration and it's just a lot easier.  My husband gave me mine.


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I understand loratidine (Claritin) reduces the bone pain from Neupogen.  Start taking it daily.

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Hi, I have the shots after every chemo treatment and it is nothing to worry about.  It is a shot.

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Hello Friends,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Kim, I took your advice & brought the 3 Neupogen shots home & did it by myself.  Trubrit, Yes you are right shots were a breeze & didn’t experience any terrors of side effects of it so far.  All those are behind me now. It’s Just 4 more days to go with Xeloda before I take my 1 week off. Then to get ready for the 4th Cycle & hope I don’t have to postpone it this time.

Good Luck to everyone fighting this monster out bravely.



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I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm on my Xeloda break now. Tore up my hands and feet. The doctor lowered the dose from 5000mg to 3000 mg a day and postponed the last round by a few days. 

How much Xeloda do you take?


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Hello Laz,

I have just seen your post. I didn’t get a chance to log in to the board for some time due to busy work schedules. 5000 mg of Xeloda sounds 1 heck of a dose for me. I was on 2500 mg & my Onc reduced the dose to 2000 mg from the 2nd cycle due to low blood counts. So far not much of neither Neuropathy nor hand foot syndrome. May be it’s too early or low dose is saving me from the side effects. My off days are over & 4th Cycle is scheduled for tomorrow. Hope I can make it.

How many cycles did your Onc plan for you ? My Onc has planned 8 cycles for me.

Good luck on your last round.


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Ask your oncologist about taking Claritin (just Clritin, not Claritin-D) to alleviate the joint aches that sometimes occur while taking Neupogen.  Mine told me to take it before I injected myself.  By accident I found out that the Claritin was unnescessary (I forgot to take it a couple of times and found I didn't need it), but I've talked to others that said it worked for them.

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