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Crap, it's back...

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Just read an e-mail from my Cousin in Michigan...  her CA126 has been going up big time.. and a scan told the tale... the Crap Cancer is back..  Neck, Liver and Lymph Nodes near the Vena Cava...  Boooo........

I sent her an e-mail with some info... thanks to you ladies...  and of course I told her she can call me 24/7.  No, I do not know the subtype, just that she had the one surgery and a couple of rounds of Chemo in the past.  More Chemo to start soon.. again do not know what kind... 

The question is, anything I am missing..??  Any more can I or should I do..??   Yes I have on two occasions sent her the link to here... maybe she is lurking.. hope so..


Ron - just a poor schmuck in California that cares...

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Ron, She may not come to the board but keep supporting her because that means SO much to warriors!!! My BFF says this was "my journey" but I could not have done it without the love and support of friends and family.  I pray for all the cancer patients in the world, and I pray that they start to cure the beast once and for all.

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HI No Time... reminds me of an old song....  OK, no, I am not a great cousin.. but I do understand the mental stress once you hear those 3 words..  "you have Cancer."   Sometimes those closest to you do not relate... which is just one reason why this Forum is so important.  And I know she is scared big time...  Thus anything I can do to help, I will.  Her first two e-mails were one liners basically...   When I e-mailed her back that I was sitting here in tears, I got a whole paragraph.   Yes, sometimes I pick up on important details... even non-verbal ones..!   This is just one area that "I get it."  Normally a woman has to hit me over the head with a very hard object for me to "get it."  Surprised


OK, I also read on another post in this group that Votrient may be tested for O.C.   And just for everyone's info, I was on Votrient... it worked great on my Mets.  In fact the one Met dissappeared and has not returned..!   But Votrient is hard on the Liver.  The side effects othewise are usually very tolerable, hypertension, fatigue (does any Cancer drug not give you fatigue..?).  diahhrea, and some others.. but overall, not bad.  I hope it works for you ladies in this group as good as it does for many in the Kidney group.

Thanks again for letting this D.O.G.  (Dirty Ole Guy) slum around here...  I have learned a lot from all of you and of course wish you all well..!! (if only it were that easy).

Ron - "I don't want a pickle... jus wanna ride my motor sickle... and I... don't wanna die.. just wanna ride my motor sy cle..."

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I can guarantee that the fact that you "get it" and are there to support her with a shoulder for her to lean on (so to speak) helps so much!  Sending good thoughts and good vibes her way that her new chemo kicks her cancer's butt big time!

Best wishes to you too,


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