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CA125 remains stable

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I had my repeat lab this week.  9 weeks ago my CA 125 was 534,  this time it was 707.  But in September it was 712.  So we will continue to observe and repeat the lab the end of March.  I still have no symptoms and continue to feel good.  I am continuing the Aromasin every day.  I do have joint pain and thinning hair from the Aromasin.  My husband says.....at least you have some hair!  So that means I can go through the winter without chemo, and that makes me very happy.  It gives my body more time to recover.  Hope you are all doing well.   I appreciate all the caring and support you all give me.   I peace and caring.

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That is great news - you go girl!  It sounds like whatever you are doing is balancing nicely now.

All my best to you,


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Hoping this continues for a long long time!   Sincerely Susan

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That's good news! I hope all continues to go well.

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Wishing you a good winter in Fl. Maybe you need another trip to New Zeland. Trish

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We all love to celebrate these announcements with other warriors!

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You seem to know the secret for living with cancer.  Whatever it is, keep it up.

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Hi Ro:


  In response to your post, that is really good news and I am so glad to hear that you will not have to have chemo for the rest of the winter.

Keep up the good work.  Obviously, what you are doing is working.


  My latest CA 125 was No. 7 taken the end of December so I was very happy to hear those results. I have to go for a cat scan in February.  It will be 3 years in February that I was diagnosed.   I just take one day at a time and enjoy life.  No one knows what is around the corner.  I am eating much better and healthier.  I also have shelled roasted peanuts every day as I know that can thwart off cancer.  I know with our type of cancer (UPSC) it is a sneaky cancer - I still have 2 more years to be diligent and watchful and will hope for the best that I can continue to remain cancer free and am doing what I can to keep the cancer from returning. I have a small chance of the cancer returning about 15% so I am always concerned even though I had Stage 1. I just don't leave anything to chance as UPSC is a very scary diagnosis.

  I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


a/k/a Jane


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Hi Ro.  Just seen your latest post.  Good news that the CA125 isn't rising dramatically and you get a chemo-free winter.  I am so pleased for you.  You are a real warrior.

Kindest wishes

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Double Whammy
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I'm so happy you're still considered stable and not in need of any treatment for now.  I know how much you dread chemo and hope you can continue keeping away from it.



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Happy to hear that you are stable and feeling good. Thinking of you.


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Sisters three
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Keep up the good work! I'm very happy to hear it!

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Thinking of you, Ro!


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