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anxiety for nothing

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went to see my radiation oncologist for my 4 month check up and was in and out in an hour. i thought he would be sending me for another pet scan but said he thinks i am doing fine and maybe in may when i am scheduled for my next visit schedule the pet scan. soon as i walked in the hospital i felt my heart race and the blood rush to my head. although a lot of the peole at the center became a part of mt extended familly for a few months it is a stage of my life i went through i would prefer to forget about. no disrespect to anyone, but every time ihave to go to this place my anxiety skyrockets

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I'm happy to hear that your trip to see the Dr. was a good one!

I get what you are saying about walking back into the place where treatments took place...Pat and I both get a sinking feeling walking in each time (We've been three times now since treatments ended in Nov. 2013). I don't think that is something that will ever change, for me anyway. It brings back too many memories and feelings about when this all first started...


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I hear you on the blood rush / memories when going back. However such great news for you. Onwards!


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Glad things are looking good. I love starting my day with good news.

I am the complete opposite, I feel at home whenever I walk into the Hospital at the University of PA. I actually look forward to going and seeing the individuals responsible for me still being here. Not sure, but they may see me coming and say boy did we mess up here comes that weird ******* again. After all when I think about it, I would have never thought I would look forward to going to a hospital. Must be John's abi-normal thing something I have come to enjoy and use to my advantage.

Heal on..................Life is good!!


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I too look forward to going to the cancer and rad center... I always say HI to the girls and staff that got me through... They are all awesome.

I have no idea how they do it every day...

If I was on my feet and as busy as each of them are, annnd always having a great attitude..., man I couldn't do it.

they are truly special people...


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