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One year jitters

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Well I am getting ready for my one year go round. Next week I start off by seeing my radiation doc, then make the appointment for the scan, then the ENT AND AFTER ALL that THE DENTIST. Well it's been a year and this is where I am at

 1- voice is raspy and still can't tolerate very cold weather as throat gets sore easily

2- mouth still dry at night and thick salive during the day

3- still spitting up crap after I eat( but thankful I can eat)

4- mouth is still very sensitive to alcohol and spicey food even anything carbonated

5- ringing in the ear and hearing loss

6- neuropathy in my feet - but is getting better

7- I feel fatigued a lot more easily than I use to be- although I am getting better in is area- working 3 or 4 consecutive 13 or 14 hour days just knocks the crap out of me- I am learning to manage my time more efficiently so I do not need to work so long so many days in a row. Unfortunately being a construction manager in NY city requires a lot of dedication

on the good side the lymphodima has gone away under my chin- I have about 75% of my taste back- I have gotten my with back up to 180- I actually have to watch because I dont want to put it all back on- I was 190 before cancer and went down to 159 And of coars I am alive and cancer free as of my last check up  I have been working out and building up muscle and overall I feel good- just a little nervous about the yearly check up as my doc says this is the big one



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congratulations on the one year anniversary!   sounds like you continue to improve and 3 or 4 13 hours days in a row would make anyone tired!


 Good luck with all the visits next week,


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roar, overall it sounds like you are doing pretty good.  we all get the jitters around check up time so you're normal (well abi-normal).  I will be praying for a good report from all docs and dentist.  let us know.

God bless you,


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From what I read it is mostly in your head (lol).  I commend you on the long days, my energy is still lacking.

Have a good 1-year exam!


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jim and i
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I was tired after reading your post:) On the serious side. You will have that anxiety everytime a checkup comes round unfortunately. I am praying for great results and that you slow down and smell the roses once in awhile. Life is to short:) to spend it all working.


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of us.  If I was better at handling scans, I'd share my tricks, but alas....I'm a nervous ninny like no other at scan time.  I'm getting one on Tues, the 14th....and have been sitting up by the ceiling fan for a week. Laughing 

The bright side....when it's over and you get your NED, it's a celebration day!! 


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For all the thoughts and prayers

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enjoy those one year visits are they will confirm that your doing well. 


i also enjoy one year reports like your. 


keep having fun it will get better



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Good to see you on here.


Your post reads almost identical to where I am at .....with a few things differnt.  You actually have more taste than I do, I don't have so much crap  to spit up but for the morning time. :)


My  2 year anniversary is this month....All I can say is I know how you feel, but we are going to go in and meet Mr. NED again!  So hang in there and happy scans to you .



yep, whispered that prayer all will go well with you.


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I will be thinking of you and praying that all of your one year reports are great!


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Sending prayers your way for great results!


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